KSS Agenda

December 19 2018


Attending: Christopher Morris, Jim Currens, Rich Kline, Sarah Arpin, Josh Brewer Sean Vanderhof, Preston Forsyth

Out: John Cassidy, Mike Keltner


1) Announcements

- No Announcements


2) Reading of previous minutes

- Sect was not at last meeting

- GRG new meeting home is Lost River. GRG is no longer a university Club, Grotto may separate permanently from WKU and go forward as normal grotto


3) Treasurers Report

Deposits withdrawal

Starting Balance 13,942.65

search fees     120.00

membership    75.00



Ending balance 14,137.65

I am also looking into investing some of the money we have sitting in the bank.

It would start with investing $1000.00 in a five year cd and 4,000 in  1 year cd's .

The next year I would put $3000 in 1 year cd's and $1000 in a 5 year account. Eventually we

would just be rolling over the money in 5 year accounts. PNC bank , the bank we currently are using

have pretty low rates . We would only be earning 10 dollars a year on the 5 year cd's and less on the 1 year accounts.

I will be looking into finding the best rates by the January meeting but wanted to get this out there to make sure there

was no problem with it.


4) Committee Reports


A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

1) review request spreadsheet

2 requests both Commercial, Both filled

140$ and 50$

  • 2017 – 33 requests

  • 2018 – 31 requests


B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

1) regional Cave coordinator plan – to ease effort of individual cave coordinators . Start on this Next year

2) Database Update – error correction and database stats change

Correction Report

Corrected caves that were reported in one county and had locations in another (or in another state!). 78 were reported, 68 were corrected

September 2017 September 2018 12/18 Correction Delta

Cave Records 5545 5669 5671 +124

Caves 4937 5056 5034 -22 caves

Updated records - 7

Caves w/o Loc. 657 639 597 -60

Open records 12 14 47



C) Data Archives – Arpin

- received 3 big donations Bluegrass Grotto, Dug Scoops, Ken grush

- Current up to 1986 in Speleo digest


D) Emergency Response committee – Keltner

- Reported in – no new input


E) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff

- Need updated members list for elections


Preserving Kentucky's Underground Heritage


F) Grant Committee - Yuellig



E) Election Committee Report - Josh

Read Nominations and confirm

President – Howard Kalnitz

VP – Josh Brewer

Sect. Amber Yuellig

Treas – John Cassidy

Members at Large(3):

  • Ben  Miller

  • Sean Vanderhof

  • Jim Currens

  • Ben Tobin

  • Sarah Arpin

Josh will use Membership list to use Internet program to allow all members to vote

Voteing will close 3pm day of next meeting

Josh Moves to close

Preston Seconds

Passed by acclimation



G) Annual Report – Josh Brewer

Deadline passed – update on content

Coming together nicely

A lot of material – articles and maps

Poetry section

Going into print 3rd or 4th week of Jan

Locations map (data to Check from HJK)




5) Old Business:



B) Arch Database Data sharing – Morris

One bridge on our database they may not have (mystic Bridge Cave)


C) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee

1) MOU completed and sent to KNPSC. No reply

Memorandum of Understanding

Kentucky Speleological Survey (KSS) and the Kentucky State  Natural Preserve Commission(KSNPC) are both in the Business of preserving the underground wilderness of Kentucky. To help that goal:

The KSS agrees to loan the KSNPC their database. The KSNPC is free to use this database in the pursuit of their mission to protect Rare Species and Fauna. However, ownership of the database will remain with the KSS at all times

The database will be used to notify requestors that a cave location is within the boundary of their search, and that the KSS should be notified to pinpoint that cave location. The KSNPC will not share specific locations of caves, or through the use of their database and application allow those locations to be available to the public

The KSNPC will not, in any situation share the database, or locations within that database, to any other federal or state agencies. In the event of a FOIA request by Individual, state or federal agency, this loan of database is immediately revoked by the KSS.

In the event of the cancellation, expiration, or revocation of this MOU, all data will be returned to the KSS, and all applicable data, maps, reports, applications or GIS layers pertaining to KSS data will be removed from all KSNPC computers

This Memorandum will run 1 year from date of last signature. It will then renew automatically for 1 term of 5 years, if there is no call for cancelation or update at that time.

Either the KSS or KSNPC can cancel this MOU at any time over its life.


HJK-1st draft 11.21.2018

Sent out in December

Will make contact again in January



6) New Business:

Karan Walden – Duke reports she is doing well

GRG – Does KSS have room for map cabinet?


Member of the MSS contributed Maps of Jarvie roark Cave (Johnson and Voight 58-59)


Future work (2019)

  • Regional coordinator plan (HJK)

  • Update and clarify election bylaws (Josh)

  • Clean up committee overlaps

  • Continue to clean up location data (Christopher, Sarah)

  • Advisory board

  • Board Attendance (HJK)

  • Funds investment?

  • Reach out to grottos


Set up Dropbox, populate with presentation


HJK motion to close


Josh Second 8:17