KSS Meeting 8.15.18


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Amber Yuellig, Christopher Morris, Mike Keltner, Sean Vanderhoff, Josh Brewer, Ben Miller, Susan Wilkinson, Sarah Arpin, Jim Currens, Barry Adams



Bill Walden passed away. Several members of KSS attended the funeral including Amber Yuellig. KSS sent flowers.


Ben Tobin stepped into his new role at KGS and will likely be our main KGS contact


KSS had a great showing at convention given by Josh, Howard, and Sarah and in the cartography salon.

Reading of Previous Minutes:


Amber, continued by Howard

Motion to approve: Josh Brewer

Second: Ben Miller

Unanimously approved

Treasurers Report


John has not been able to put together report due to computer issues. The current total balance is $13,522.


We will likely spend money on the annual meeting, still need to pay a reimbursement for the newsletter mailing, and the GoToMeeting bill just came in.

Committee Reports


Data Access Committee

Since July 1- 5 requests (3 commercial, 2 private/ personal)

Currently outstanding are four open requests.  We are currently waiting on information from the requestors.

Also had three county coordinator inquiries that were not necessarily data requests

Currently caught up


Database Committee

New Esri groups for KSS are up and running

Five beta testers are currently working with the database

Howard aims to deploy it to all county coordinators by the end of the year

Data access committee discussing county coordinators (40-50% active) and set up regional coordinators to work more directly with county coordinators to assist

26 new caves have been entered since July 15 primarily by Harry Goepel and Josh Brewer


Data Archive

Presentation given at convention

DC Grotto- 500-800 publications from them

Bill Walden’s family is giving all of his data to KSS. Katie Walden and Kevin Toepke have a designated folder on Dropbox and will be uploading materials.


Emergency Response Committee

Mike Keltner- shared information for a recent manhunt utilizing DEM files in the Red River Gorge region


Membership Committee

New members had been slow since spring

Three new members have joined since the NSS Convention

Gordon Smith particularly excited about what KSS is accomplishing


Grant Committee

Bill Walden Memorial Grant

Currently working on ironing out language

1 survey grant per year- $150 may be used to support projects through the purchase of survey equipment, financial need will be taken into account in decisions

1 academic grant per year- up to $500 Kentucky only unless reasonable argument can be made linking the research to Kentucky

these grants may be awarded to the same person in the same year but may not be awarded in consecutive years


Howard motions to have survey and research grants funded by KSS to be named Bill Walden Survey and Research Memorial Grants.

Howard motions

Ben seconds

Motion approved


Howard recommends KSS get something in return for funds- map/ report

Who is eligible


Folks cannot get two in a row

May not be awarded every year


Survey Initiative

Three survey teams

Lots of great progress but will be a long project

Need future survey initiative projects

Next trip may be planned in conjunction with annual meeting, could potentially go to wells

Should ask Bob Roth if he would like to survey at wells. Ben Tobin has also expressed interest

Bob Roth may be the future preserve manager.


Kentucky Nature Preserves request- sidelined

Natural Arch Survey- Chris may be making a few requests


Annual Meeting-

Working with Ben Tobin

Caving Sept 21-22

Meeting Sept 23

Will be at University of Kentucky- KGS

Presentation spots still available, many great presenters have committed

KSS may be able to cover lunch again $400 range

Also owe an award for the number of caves turned in

Can we video record our meeting for our archive, broadcast live?


Elections are coming up, nominations open next meeting

Need a committee- cannot be running/ nominated

Sarah can give guidance on procedures


Motion to close: Howard

Second: Jim Currens

Unanimously approved

Meeting closed at