KSS Meeting Minutes 2/21/18


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Mike Keltner, Amber Yuellig, Preston Forsythe, Christopher Morris, John Cassidy, Mike Suggs, Shelia Minor, Sean Vanderhoff, Stephanie Stoops, Jedidiah Nixon, Bob Roth, Josh Brewer, Ben Miller, Jim Currens, Sarah Arpin


1- Announcements


Howard requested new folks to introduce themselves.

Mike Suggs- learned about KSS through Green River Grotto

Jedidiah Nixon- no mic ☺


2- Previous Minutes


Read by Amber

Correction: ArcGIS/ ESRI Explorer not needed,

Motion to accept Sean, Preston second

Minutes approved


3- Treasurers Report


Federal Taxes Sent

Working on State Taxes

Few search fees outstanding

48 members, 47 life members

Folks have asked about a PayPal button on the website to pay membership.

Chris and John will work together to update the website.


4- Committee Reports

  • Cave Reporter App

    • Updates made, need to delete old app and reinstall

    • Bob Roth noted some issues in the current update-

    • On some android phones, the same cave is being reported multiple times

  • 2018 Database Updates for County Coordinators

    • no reported issues with update

  • Press Release

    • Howard and Amber worked with KGS to publish the milestone of reaching 5,000 caves.

    • The press release was well received- 50-100 comments, questions, and several new data requests.

    • Chris- post to front page of KSS website


  • Data Archives

    • Several new requests fulfilled

    • Steve Gentry has significantly added to our database in the past few weeks

  • Emergency Response Committee

  • Regional Meeting of Areas 9 and 10

  • Most directors/ reps present

  • KSS presentation well received

  • Mike will take presentation to other areas

  • Goal: we have a call-down list for emergency managers to contact for data


5- Old Business

  • KSS Grotto Presentation

    • No updates

  • Newsletter Update

    • Newsletter complete and printed

    • Hats off to Josh and Chris!

    • Address labels have been printed. Will be mailed by Friday to all paid members.

    • Question: We have several county coordinators who are not members. What should we do about sending newsletters to them? There are roughly 10 of them. Should we only send them to the active coordinators? Should we send all coordinators the newsletter and give them the nudge to join?

      • We will send to all

      • Amber will draft a letter encouraging coordinators to join

      • Paypal online will make the process of joining easier

  • ESRI Update

    • Josh and Howard will be spending time on it over the next few weeks

  • Safeguard data/ Security

    • No update

  • March 3-4 Survey Initiative Breckenridge County

    • Contacted by landowner of Stinnettsville Pit

    • 40 foot pit at back of cave

    • March 3- map Stinnettsville Pit

    • March 4- Penitentiary Cave if Stinnettsville Pit is completed the day before

    • Camping details will be finalized this week, camping will be free

    • 5 have committed, 12 are interested


  • Arch Database- Database Sharing

    • No updates


6- New Business

  • Kentucky State Nature Preserve Commission contacted us to see if they could include data in their Nature Heritage Database.

    • They would not share with third parties

    • Not sure why they need to keep our database within theirs

    • Not sure if they would offer the protection we require

    • How would our data be used with them?

    • How would they integrate it?

  • Next Meeting- Caving on Paper March 18 at UK KGS 10-4

    • KSS will buy lunch

  • Membership Chair

    • A lot of addresses were found to be out of date while completing this year’s newsletter

    • This person will handle new members, renewals, and the membership list

    • They will help reach out within the community to build our membership

    • Any volunteers? Sara is willing to help with a portion of it.

  • Preston- would like to hear about how our data is used following data requests. Database committee can follow-up. We have required academic requests to provide follow-up but have received none to date.


7- Adjourn

Move to adjourn Amber, second Josh

Unanimously approved

Adjourn at 8:17pm