Attendance: Preston , Ben, Christopher, John , Mike K., Jim, Ken B., Josh, Sean, Sheila M., Sara, Ronson


1) Announcements

New course at WKU: Visualization of Karst Field Data



-          Lidar Weekend over thanksgiving

o   November 24, 25, 26

o   Contact Ken Bailey at



2) Reading of previous minutes


3) Treasurers Report

              - Report

Starting balance 12,540.03

Search fees 130.00

Dropbox -99.00

ending balance 12,571.03

53 members 37 life members

(as reported by John Cassidy)

              - tax classification update

- We have been reclassified as a Charity as opposed to a Private foundation. This reflects a lot of work on the part of John, and we appreciate it!


4) Committee Reports

A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

       -  review request spreadsheet

                      - Two commercial requests from KY Cabinet of Transportation

                      - Filled


B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

Locational Database

1.  Lost data scare

              Why it is important to send data back to database  committee for inclusion

2. Cave reporter App to report caves to database

Attached is an updated How-to manual – it has the instructions for downloading and installing what you need, as well as detailed use instructions..

Here is the survey link – remember you have to download the Survey 123 app before you can use it


3. Contest Coming!

The Race to 5000!

Kentucky currently has about 4965 caves currently reported. Lets drive that to 5000!

 To do this Kentucky Speleological Survey is announcing a statewide contest for cave locations! We will give points to all members and non-members who provide new or updated cave locations in Kentucky. The  Induvidual winner will get a New Sten Light with charger. The group winner will receive survey set. This contest will go from run from Sept 1 to the next Annual meeting where all winners will be announced


KSS will support a location Contest contest with the following rules:

1)               All new caves will be awarded 1 point

2)               All updated entries from existing/ known caves will be awarded ½ point

3)            The contest will be backdated to Sept 1, so all entries from that point forward will be counted. The contest will be cutoff one week before the next annual meeting

4)               There will be an award for Individuals and groups –

Induviduals with the highest point count will win. Points used by an individual are not available for a group talley

Groups can combine several individuals into a single count.

Award total to be no more then 500$

5)               Caves reported as part of a KSS sponsored/organized event (such as a survey weekend) are not counted

6)               Data must be reported via the phone app, completed PDF, or through the KSS site, and  entered into database

7)               The Contest  Committee is not eligible (Howard Kalnitz, and Josh Brewer).


-          Passed by acclimation


4. Database Updates

              Look for -xxxx locations and add to list

5. Addition of Christopher Morris to Database committee

              - Passed by acclimation


6. Reckognizing Prestons and Elronds recent additions to the Database

              - Elrond subscribed to newspaper archive and pulled a lot of articles on savage cave


Data Archives

1.       Digital Archiving of KY Grotto Publications

-          Sarah will make Speleo digests available on dropbox for peeling  kentucky data out and placing into the data archives. Let her know if you will take a year



5) Old Business:

A) KSS grotto Presentation – Currens

- Jim reviewed powerpoint with us – we had several suggestions. We will place the powerpoint on the dropbox and start to update

B) Newsletter update – Brewer

- Josh already has several articles. He WILL cutoff at December 1st to get the newsletter out. Anything after that will be held over until next year

C) ESRI Update – Kalnitz

- No updates – this will be a long term project


5) New Business:

              A) Next Year Meeting Schedule

              All Go-to Meetings meetings start at 7:00pm eastern time. App will become live 15 minutes early for set-up

                             January  17th – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             February 21st – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             March 18th – Paper Caving Meeting @UK

                             April 18th – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             May 13th – County Coordinators meeting @ UK

                             June 20th – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             July 18th – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             August 15th - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             September  – Annual Meeting

                             October 14th – Paper Caving @UK

                             November 21 - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)

                             December 19 - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


B)  Hard relationship with rescue orgs?

- Mike Keltner led us through a discussion how to get this off the ground. He has already talked with others in the Emergency management positions and recommends forming a calldown list with in the organizationto be linked up with the regional rescue coordinators.

- We will form a rescue working committee to discuss this and form some structure

- Committee will include Mike Keltner, Sarah Arpin, Howard Kalnitz, Ken Bailey, and Kentucky emergency Personel


C) Other activities for KSS

- Intro to Kentucky caves ( a show like Chuck S. has been doing with Tenn caves)


              D) Safeguard data/ Security

                             - Ronson will look into making sure that our communcations and data are secure….


HJK 11/18/17