Minutes of the Summer 2015 meeting of the Kentucky Speleological Survey

June 21st, 2015 12-3 PM at the Kentucky Geological Survey


Attending: Lee Florea, President; Howard Kalnitz, Vice-President; Kim Gentry, Treasurer; Jim Currens; Bill Walden; Harry Goepel & Preston Forsyth (attending via WebEx).


1210 Meeting called to order


Treasurer’s report approved as read (Kim)

Minutes or prior meeting approved as read (Jim)

Database report (Howard)

-       72 of 73 counties are complete

-       Pine Mountain data is cleared up

-       Still have not heard from Horton regarding Carter County

Updates were provided for the following counties:

-       Lee, Pulaksi, Cumberland, Wayne, Fayette

Data Access (Jim)

-       Awaiting request from student at Auburn University

-       Discussed and approved existing data requests

No Old Business

New Business

-       We discussed several ideas for involving the younger generation

-       Discussion about cooperative proposal with the KY Transportation Cabinet

o   Will meet later in summer to discuss ideas with Dave Harmon

o   Need to assure independence and continuity of the KSS

Discussion about updating our mailing list for requests and official business

Discussion on the current status of the KSS Dropbox folder