Minutes of the Kentucky Speleologial Society Meeting

September 8, 2013



The meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM. 


Secretary's Report:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed.


Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer reported expenses of $50 on a banner with the new logo and $215 on 25 new hats.  Received search fees from Redwing.  One new life member.  No balance info was provided to Secretary.  Treasurers report was read and approved on motion by Walden and second by Steve Gentry.


Committee Reports:

Data Access Committee:

It was reported that KSS had received 6 data requests from consulting firms under our new fee structure. 


Data Administration Committee:

Pulaski County is finished.  The number of caves in the county dropped from 470 to 360 after accounting for duplicate names and entries, leaving Rockcastle County with the higher total in the area.  Since the last report, most of Western Ky had been added.  Logan and Simpson counties are consolidated.  There are still critical outages in the dataset.  No data received yet from Horton Hobbs or Mike Crockett.  Jim Currens and Jim Greer were absent at the time of this report and did not have anything to report at this meeting.  Steve Gentry reported working mostly in Barren County and some in Hart Co.  Josh Brewer reported a total of 40 caves in Simpson County.  Hoy Cave is currently 2.38 miles since 2008. Blackjack Cave has over a mile currently surveyed, making it the second longest cave in the county.  Warren County now has about 350 caves.  Dale Hollow State Park now has 76 known caves on the property, giving it more caves than any other state park in the U.S.    



Newsletter Committee:

Walden reported that another newsletter is due out in the winter, but he currently has no material to print.  He requested members to send him material.




Old Business:

Steve reported that the hats have sold well and mentioned the possibility of selling bumper stickers.  Kim is trying to get the design to look good on magnet shapes so we can sell magnets as well.


Lee reported that we are making progress on the database.  Development is in progress with a professor at Ball State.  We need to start looking for a server to house the database. It was reported that it will probably take about a year with a test cave to get the database fully functional.  Wells Cave in Pulaski County is being used as a test cave.


New Business:

A discussion was held on getting cavers more involved in the KSSS and working closer with cavers and grottoes so we can get more data.


Harry Goepel reported there are several big projects currently under way in the county. Triple S Cave now stands at 4.5 miles, Bowman's Cave at around 2.9 or 2.9 miles and total depth of 230'.  Blowing Cave is being resurveyed and now stands at 4.7 miles.  Spelunger Cave has turned out to be a multi-drop cave.  Projects are also ongoing in Hines Cave, Hogg Cave, Cooper Saltpeter Cave, Simpson Branch Cave and Sunnybrook Cave.


Lee reported on the resurvey of Johnson Fork Bluehole in Pulaski County.  They are looking at a possible connection with nearby Kidd Cave.


Howard reported on work in Rockcastle and Jackson counties, including the resurvey of Monolith Cave, which is nearly complete.  GSP is being resurveyed to get better elevation and cross-section data and learn more about the geology of the cave.  The RKC-owned section of Goochland around the Cornhole Entrance is being resurveyed.  There is a new back entrance to Mullins Spring, the Violation Entrance and it is being surveyed.  Wind Cave is also being resurveyed by USFS request.


No date was set for the Winter Meeting in January.  It will be communicated later once a location has been confirmed.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM on a motion by Gentry, second by Bill.

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