Minutes of the Kentucky Speleological Survey Meeting

April 22, 2012


Officers Present:   Lee Florea, President; Jim Greer, Secretary; Steve Gentry, At-Large Representative; Amber Yeullig, At-Large Representative


Organizational Reps Present:  Harry Goepel (GCG), Mike Dyas (WKSS), Jim Currens (KGS), Randy Paylor (BGG)


Lee Florea called the meeting to order at 1:18 PM.


Secretary's Report:


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved on a motion by Steve with a 2nd by Amber.  Motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:


The treasurer reported a balance of $4309.15 as of 3/31/12.  The report was accepted on a motion by Jim Currens and a 2nd by Mike Dyas.


Committee Reports:


The Data Access Committee reported on one outstanding data request from Third Rock Consulting for cave data near Herrington Lake in Mercer and Garrard counties on the Bryantsville Quad.


The Data Administration Committe report was given by Lee for Howard Kalnitz, who was unable to attend.  KSS is slowly getting the counties cleaned up.  All of the topo quads donated by Mike Dyas and Bill Andrews have been captured digitally, along with many of the Quinlan quads as well.  Still need counties from Jim Greer, Don Conover, Lee Florea, Mike Crockett, and Horton Hobbs.  Currently 43 counties (59% of total) are complete.  


Harry Goepel reported on about a half dozen updates and a few new locations in Wayne County.  Barren County is also nearing completion.


The Newsletter Committee reported that the newsletter was mailed out recently.


Old Business:


There was a proposal to amend Article III of the Bylaws concerning officer nominations to read as follows:


"Nominations for officers are open until the presiding officer call for a vote.  Self-nominations are allowed."


Per the current bylaws, the motion was tabled until the next general meeting.


There was a discussion from a prior meeting on revising our fees for data requests.  Some requests take significant amounts of time, and it was felt that we should charge reasonable fees for this service.  Amber motioned to amend the bylaws to read as follows:


"Data requests to the KSS from for-profit organizations shall be accompanied by a fee of $25 to be paid as verified by the Treasurer of the KSS prior to any search.  Additional fees may be charged to recover costs."


After some discussion it was decided to amend the original motion to allow for changes to the fees without having to change the Bylaws.  Amber made a motion to amend as follows:


"Data requests to the KSS from for-profit organizations shall be accompanied by a fee of $25 assessed based on the current KSS fee schedule to be paid as verified by the Treasurer of the KSS prior to any search.  Additional fees may be charged to recover costs."


The motion to amend was seconded by Harry and passed.


Amended motion was also passed.


Kim Gentry, Jim Currens and Amber volunteered to work on a committee to develop a fee schedule.


New Business:


An updated version of the proposed new logo is on the web-site.  Next steps are to decide on a revised logo, create and ID standards document, and file for copyright protection.


Lee motioned that the KSS take the existing logo and variations and give to a graphic designer to create a set of options to give back to us to vote on and that we could pay a sum not to exceed $300 for these services.  Steve seconded and motion passed.


Lee motioned that when the revised logo is selected we will produce and ID standards document that will formalize the logo.  Randy seconded and motion passed.


Lee next motioned that upon approval of the ID standards document we will file with the U.S. Copyright Office for official recognition of the logo.  Steve seconded and motion passed.


On behalf of Kim, Steve asked if the KSS wanted to set up a booth at Karst-O-Rama this year to promote the organization.  Amber stated that KOR is going back to a caver-only event this year, which would make it better for marketing our organization.  Steve motioned that KSS make every possible effort to promote our organization at regional caving events.  Harry second.  Motion passed.


There is going to be a session at the 2012 NSS Convention on state cave surveys again this year.  A discussion was held on sponsoring the session.  Lee stated that it doesn't cost us to sponsor the session, but that we would simply be lending our name to it.  Lee proposed that we present a talk at the session on the current status of the KSS and our database efforts.  Steve seconded and motion passed.


Amber proposed a motion that the KSS advertize a 1/4 page ad for $25 in the KOR Guidebook to be paid via a donation of 2 one-year KSS memberships that would be raffled off as door prizes.  Steve seconded and motion passed.


A discussion was held on the location of the fall meeting.  It was suggested that the meeting be held either in northern Ky. or in the Louisville area.  Hamilton Valley was also suggested as a potential meeting location.  It was eventually decided to hold the next meeting on Sunday, July 15 at 1:00 PM somewhere around Florence, KY.  Amber offered to look into a location.


Next work weekends will be set for a weekend in May and another in June.  Jim C. will pick the dates and let us know.


Motion was made to adjourn by Mike and seconded by Currens.  Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 PM.