KSS October 16, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Bill Walden and Jim Greer

Members present: Jim Currens, Bill Walden, Duke Hopper, Ben Miller, Jim Greer, Lee

Florea, Don Conover, John Cassidy

Guest: Keith Wiedmeier

Treasurer’s report:

John Cassidy suggested that we consider moving some money from checking to a

savings account or CD. He said that he would talk to the bank people. Money market

account could be an option. Consider for the January 2012 meeting. Think about it.

Committee reports:

Data Access: Jim Currens said there have been a slew of requests including the one from

Keith Widmeier.

KY F&W Tammy Johnson has requested information on the Coral Cave System. Should

we have an MOU with KY F&W?

Ecotech requested data along Rt. 150 for bridge rebuilding in Nelson and Washington

Counties. Very little is known in that area..

Cory Blackeagle, PhD candidate, doing dissertation on Karst Geology of Bluegrass

region requested cave entrance elevations. Don Conover: Could Cory give a presentation

on the results of his study?

Ecotech Brandenburg requested cave data on quad for an extension of Rt 313. Steve

Gentry filled this.

6 or 8 requests since last meeting.

Jim Greer asked if we keep a log on data requests? Jim Currens said “No.” Requests are

filed. Jim Currens will log the requests.

Jim Currens asked if we should change procedure for data requests, send direct to the

committee chairman, someone other than Jim Currens, then forward approved request to

Jim Currens. Want to avoid appearance that Jim Currens is approving without committee

approval. So, Jim Currens is a staff member. Will discuss later.

Data Administration: Jim Currens – In consideration of the library, Jim is retiring in two

years. What happens if we lose access to M&M? Some discussion was held about the

need to educate other members/employees about KSS. Jim Currens will make a

presentation to KGS about KSS.

In the interim we could use Jim’s shop, if we lose the KGS access.

There is a good possibility that we can keep M&M for 3 to 5 years past Jim’s retirement.

The MOU is a valuable asset to the KGS.

Introductions made

Database: Howard – 36 of the 71 counties have data sheets completed. 4179 caves in

the database.

County Coordinators:

Lee Florea: Update from Amber:

Russell County 8 caves

Pulaski County 786 down to 769 caves because of duplicates.

Jim Greer: Several new caves in Grayson County now have 36 known caves.

Nominating Committee: Darrell Adkins, Jim Greer, and Bill Walden

Work Sessions: December 4 11 AM to 4 PM., February 5 11 AM to 4 PM

January Meeting at Tiffany’s in Monticello, KY. Meeting at 1 PM, dinner at3 PM

Discussion was held on charging fees for data searches. There may be a need to amend

the bylaws to do this. Jim Greer requested Jim Currens to write amendment proposal to

the by-laws for fees for data search and present at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned.