Minutes of the Kentucky Speleological Survey

July 25, 2010

Meeting held at American Cave Conservation Association

119 East Main St.

Horse Cave, KY 42749


Officers & Board Members Present:  Darrell Adkins, President;  Howard Kalnitz, Vice-President; Kim Gentry, Secretary; John Cassidy, Treasurer; Don Conover, Membership at Large Representative; Jim Greer, Membership at Large Representative.  


Organizational Representatives Present:  Howard Kalnitz, Greater Cincinnati Grotto; Jim Currens, Kentucky Geological Survey; Preston Forsythe, Western Kentucky Speleological Survey; Steve Gentry, Louisville Grotto; Randy Paylor, Bluegrass Grotto.  Absent:   Jim Perkins, Dayton Underground Grotto; Jonathan Lewis, ESSO Grotto; Peggy Nims, Hart of Kentucky Grotto.


KSS Members and Cavers in Attendance:  Shari Forsythe, Lee Florea, Bill Walden, Amber Yuelling, Ronson Elrod.  


Welcome and Introductions/ President’s Report (Adkins):  The meeting was called to order 1:10 pm with a welcome and introduction/roll call of officers, board members, and grotto representatives present.  It was noted that the KSS Website was down but that we have a new server at justhost.com.


Secretary’s Report (Gentry):  Minutes from the 4/25/10 meeting were not read, copies were available at this meeting, and had also been posted on the KSS web site as well as through the KSS Yahoo Group.  Steve Gentry made a motion to approve the 4/25/10 minutes.  Jim Greer seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.  


Treasurer’s Report (Cassidy): Organizational Dues of $75 and a donation of $50 from Greater Cincinnati Grotto were received in the second quarter.  We started the quarter at $2932.41 and ended it at $ 3057.41. The current balance is $2986.61.


Data Access Committee Report (Currens):  A total of 7 (seven) data requests have been received.  The committee needs to review before leaving meeting site today.  Requests from Historical Association and Echotech Consultants are included.  Lee Florea made a motion that the committee review and decide and report back at next meeting.  Randy Paylor seconded.  The motion was carried.   


Data Administration Committee (Library) Report (Currens):  The items in the library are current.  There was discussion of organizing library, it was determined that due to small amount of materials in library, this is not necessary.  There was discussion of scanning publications in the future.  Lee Florea mentioned that the University of Southern Florida has server space for karst publications if needed in the future.    


Membership Committee (Cassidy):  Need to have KSS PowerPoint presentation updated and available for distribution.  There was discussion of enlisting college students to help with database work in exchange for free or reduced membership. Committee will submit a proposal for next meeting.


Data Administration Committee (Database) Report (Kalnitz):  The morning database session today was productive.  The County Coordinator list has been updated.  There was discussion about adding GIS shape file to the data to respond to data requests more efficiently.  Things are progressing, and ready to move to the next step in the database process.  


Web Site Review Report (Gentry):  A list was compiled of several items needing updates on the current Website.  Darrell Adkins is going to ask Eric Weaver if he is interested in taking over Webmaster duties from Kevin Toepke and follow-up with Kevin.  Jim Currens reminded the group that he has a contact that does professional web sites for a fee.    


Annual Publication Report (Paylor):  It will be ready by the October meeting.  More content is needed.  Send content to Randy Paylor if you have anything you would like included in the next annual publication.    


KSS Newsletter Report (Walden):  A printed newsletter will be ready by the October meeting.  More content is needed, specifically cave survey articles and photos.  Send content to Bill Walden by 9/24/10 if you have anything you would included in the next KSS Newsletter.    


Annual Members Meeting Report (Adkins):  There was discussion on meeting location in Lexington, it possibly will not be held at Core Library.  Jim Currens will check on Core Library availability and report back.  Darrell Adkins is working on rounding up speakers and presentations.  He would like a brief update from each County Coordinator at the October meeting.  


County Coordinators Report (Kalnitz):  90% of Karst Counties have Coordinators.  This system seems to be working well.  There are a few bugs to iron out.    


Old Business

New Membership Packet (Gentry):  A new member sample packet was passed around for input that contained a membership card, KSS brochure, copies of last meeting meetings, copies of the KSS bylaws and a copy of the last KSS newsletter.  The KSS brochures are needed to place in the packets.  The consensus was to use the membership cards and information included in the sample packet for new members in place by the October meeting.  Kim Gentry will obtain the brochures at the next work session and get packets to John Cassidy to give to new members.    


Pay Pal Account (Gentry):  A Pay Pal account could be used to collect dues and donations, and possibly in the future for data request charges.  There is no fee unless the KSS receives payment.   Rates are discounted for registered charities with 501 (c)(3) status.  If your monthly payments are $0 to $100,00, there is a 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction.  The Website can be updated with a link to pay dues or to make a donation.  The account can be set up for multiple users (Treasurer, President).  There was discussion among the group and it was decided that there are no disadvantages to having a Pay Pal account.  Howard Kalnitz made the motion to open up a Pay Pal account for dues payments and donations.  John Cassidy seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.  


Future work sessions (Adkins):  8/22/10-1 pm to 5 pm in Mining & Minerals Building at University of Kentucky.  Tentative Sunday 12/5/10-1 pm to 5 pm in Mining & Minerals Building at University of Kentucky.  County Coordinators bring computers/flash drives/scanner.


Future Board meetings (Adkins):  10/24/10-tentative in Core Library at University of Kentucky.  Jim Currens will check availability.  01/23/11-Bill Walden will check into venues in Somerset.   There was discussion on cutting back to 3 business meetings per year; it was decided to remain at 4 meetings per year until more progress has been made with the database work.   


Fireproof safe (Adkins):  There was discussion of backing up hard drive and cd’s to place in fireproof safe, as well as backing up on flash drives.  The consensus was that at least one fireproof data safe is needed for hard drive and cd backups.  Jim Currens requested to spend up to $100 for an appropriate safe.  Bill Walden made a motion to accept Jim’s request.  Preston Forsythe seconded.  The motion carried.    


Business Cards for County Coordinators (Kalnitz):    No activity since the last meeting, tabled at this time.


Tech Soup (Kalnitz):  Donations of software or reduced in price for non profit organizations.  As an example, Arch GIS software is $175 vs. $2,000.  Visit www.techsoup.com and check out what is offered.  If you can make a case that some software will benefit KSS, bring to the board to discuss the purchase.  


New Business (Adkins):  Darrell would like one spokesperson for each standing and adhoc committee when the committee has more than one person that he can go to for the most recent updates and activity.  The group reviewed the committee members and the spokespersons are as follows:  Data Access-Jim Currens, Data Administration-Jim Currens, Membership-Kim Gentry, Database-Howard Kalntiz, Web Site Review-Randy Paylor, Annual Publication-Randy Paylor, Newsletter-Bill Walden, Annual Meeting-Darrell Adkins, County Coordinators-Howard Kalnitz


Darrell created a file that lists peoples names and functions they are responsible for, in order for him to be able to quickly determine who he needs to communicate with.  He uploaded the file to the Yahoo Group if anyone else would like to use the file.  

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KSSCaves/files/KSS volunteer matrix.xls


Open Discussion (Group):  White Nose Syndrome-Lee Florea gave an overview of the response by the NSS to the Center for Biological Diversity.  There are many rumors out there.  Researchers not able to divulge research information just yet and that is discouraging for cavers who want answers now.  There was discussion of WNS arriving in Kentucky and possibility of needing to document that information in the database.  


Cave & Research-Lee Florea and Bill Walden are working with some of Lee’s college students.  Bill Walden reported that two sections in Blowing Cave in Wayne County that have been known to connect for years, have finally been tied together through survey.  


Karst related conventions & meetings-NSS convention coming up, first week in August.  Several KSS members are attending Kentucky Geological Survey donated various state topo maps to KSS, the KSS will be selling these at Convention, 5 for $1.00.    There was discussion about keeping the KSS Website updated with karst events (Field Studies, etc).  There was also discussion of possibly sponsoring an annual or co-hosting a karst session in the next few years.  


Adjournment:  Steve Gentry motioned that the meeting be adjourned.  Jim Greer seconded it.  The motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:18 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kim Gentry, Secretary