KSS Meeting Minutes

October 15 2017


Attendance: Howard Kalnitz, Josh Brewer, Sarah Arpin, Sean Vanderhoff, Jim Currens, John Cassidy

1)     Announcements

-          Parking

As of now the left (southern?) half of the library lot is still unrestricted over the weekend.


2)     Reading of previous minutes

-          No minutes were available.

-          HJK to contact Amber


3) Treasurers Report

              - Treasurers report:

Ending balance 07/19/17                                     12,804.29               original report was .79


county coordinator meeting   108.57

go to meeting                              186.19

annual meeting                           299.50

total     -594.26



Search fees                                   230.00

membership                                 100.00


ending balance 10/13/17                                     12,540.03


Searches we currently have 1 billed outstanding and 2 I need to bill.

53 members 37 life members


The request for changing our status has been assigned to Mz Yuengling. She got it on October 4th. I

have her number and will be attempt to contact her next week.They need to make decision by


              We also moved to have Jim Currens name added to the IRS address so they know who to route it to


4) Committee Reports

A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

       -  John requests to add county and project number to Data reports so that he can trace the invoices if needed

       - Sara agreed to work with howard to standardize our responses and include this information


B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

       - Discussed in New business meeting

C) Cave Definition committee

- Retired!



5) Old Business:

A) Relevant Next Year Objectives from Last meeting:

               Drive better Interactions with Cavers

                             - Josh Shared the preliminary copy of this

                             - We plan to share it widely at one of the next Webex meetings so all can give some input

B) Digital Archiving of KY Grotto Publications (Arpin)

              - John Cassidy agreed to follow up with DUG for their archives

              - Howard agreed to follow up with GCG for their archives

              - Sarah is still waiting on archives from Louiville that have already been agreed to  She will contact Steve Gentry again

c) KSS Annual Meeting

              - Was a blinking Success. We had 28 (I might have this wrong) participants, and several great presentations

              - Next years event is planned to be in Central Kentucky – hopefully Frankfurt or Lexington..


5) New Business:

              A) Schedule Update

                             Change November meeting to webex

B) ESRI Update

A long conversation ensued about how to better use ESRI products as our base platform, instead of filemaker. There was much agreement

o   We already have a cave location reporting app that has been beta tested. It should be rolled out by end of year

o   We have been granted Non-profit status with ESRI and can get software for the organization and members at discounted prices

o   We are looking at the possibility of porting all data over to ArcGIS on line and making the data base live

o   Expect to see some changes along these lines in the next months. Target for a new database by end of next year


C) Other activities for KSS

- Intro to Kentucky caves ( a show like Chuck S. has been doing with Tenn caves)

              - Jim Currens has a slide show canned, that may be a starting point for this. He will find and share

- Hard relationship with rescue orgs? Data person on call/ On site for cave rescues/ searches…

              - Sarah agreed to think about this

D) Newsletter

Josh will contact Bill and get the Ball rolling


E) T-Shirts

- Josh will work up a design. Howard to print test shirt


F) KSS rewards

- Next year we will start offering rewards for the most caves entered

- Josh has agreed to look for ‘sweeeet rewards’


G) Next Meeting

              - Nov 15 webex  Board Meeting  - 7pm