KSS Meeting Minutes July 19. 2017


Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Ken Bailey, Ronson Elrod, Sarah Arpin, Sean Vanderhoff, Stephanie Stoops, Susan Wilkinson,  Josh Brewer, Preston Forsythe, Howard Kalnitz, John Cassidy, Christopher Morris




Josh: Next weekend, there will be a survey weekend at Dale Hollow sponsored by the Green River Grotto, get in touch with Josh if interested


Preston: Bill Walden passed on that the cave gating project for a cave in Wayne County has been postponed to 2018.


Ken Bailey: Lidar Data weekend will be Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4. Contact Ken if you would like to volunteer


Amber: read previous minutes, Ken moves to accept minutes, Second by Ronson, minutes accepted.


Treasurer Report:


Get from John

Have not received costs from Bill Walden for annual publication

John will follow up on our classification change with IRS to become a 503c again


Committee Reports:


Data Access Committee:

·        Four requests- three commercial and one academic

·        Two commercial requests were billable

·        One academic- Cory Blackeagle from EKU for dissertation

·        For academic requests: rewrote data policy

o   On website

o   Copy new policy

o   Clarify academic request- research data fulfillment agreement

§  Get from sarah


Database Committee

·        Howard: no updates


Cave Definition Committee

·        Awaiting updated proposal from Ben Miller


Old Buisness


Better interactions with Cavesr

·        Josh and Ben update powerpoint


Digital Archive of Publications

·        Louisville Grotto sharing entire publication archive

·        KSS  to thank- Howard will write thank you



·        Amber, Howard, John will look at alternatives for September

·        August meeting face-to-face at KGS


Hart County Survey Initiative

·        August 4-6

·        Camping at Lonestar $4 a night

·        Friday night is a cave cleanup

·        Saturday and Sunday there are multiple survey objectives as well as ground checking enterances

·        We will meet each morning to discuss objectives and assign teams

·        There will also be a clothing drive held in conjunction with the event

·        Updates will be posted to the facebook event


New Buisness


KSS Annual Meeting

·        September 15-17

·        Planning to have it at WKU, if that falls through then the meeting will be on Sunday at Hamilton Valley

·        20 minute presentations including questions


Meeting Time

All WebEX meetings will start at 7:00 EST.  WebEX will “open” for folks to join at 6:45pm to give folks the opportunity to sign on.



·        check out websites with on-demand printing

·        order some hats and other items “without size”



·        our founder Roger Sperka who passed away several years ago- the enterance of the NSS Headquarters will be named the Roger Sperka Education Hall

·        now that Jim has retired, how are things working with the KGS

o   Howard: corresponding with Jim- he is staying on as a “professor emeritus” type role and will continuet to have keys and access




August 4-6- Hart County Survey Initative, Lonestar Cave Preserve

August 16- WebEX, 7pm

September- 15-17 Annual Meeting, Bowling Green, KY

November 12- KSS Caving on Paper? May move to October 22?



Move to Close Meeting:

Motion- Josh, Second- Ronson, approved 8:33pm