KSS Meeting  5/17/2017

Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Howard Kalnitz, Barry Adams, John Cassidy, Josh Brewer, Sarah Arpin, Sean Vanderhoff, Stephanie Stoops, Weston Hennion, Christopher Morris, Tim Miller, Mike Keltner, Ronson Elrod, Preston Forsythe, Clinton Barber


County Coordinators Meeting is Sunday 10am- 4pm @KGS, will break for lunch and KSS will cover cost, details in old business

Previous Meeting Minutes

Howard moved to accept, Preston Second, minutes accepted as amended

Treasurers Report

  • Start 12512.79

  • Search Fee 100

  • Membership 12

  • Ending 12624.79

  • Members 58

  • Life 36

  • 990pf sent to IRS and State of KY, request change of status sent to IRS, will cost $400 to change from private foundation to public non-for-profit

Committee Reports

Data Access Committee

  • Lee Florea passed on a commercial request

  • EnSafe- Cody Mundy invoiced

  • Eric Smith-HMB Professional- Pulaski Co. day of meeting

  • Seth Bishop- Redwing- Fayette Co

  • Sarah sharing data request committee spreadsheet with Amber

Database Committee

  • No updates to database since the CRF updates

Cave Definition Committee

  • Get from Josh Brewer or Ben Miller

  • Should we include rockshelter? How should we deal with classify such features as springs- enterable, not enterable, we can address some of these questions while we look at filemaker at the county coordinator meeting

  • Howard never wants to get rid of data

  • Table the discussion to allow everyone the opportunity to think about the recommended definitions and vote on it in the future

  • Preston: would like to have robust data on springs, Howard: recommends checking out the KGS data on their website

  • Should have Ben present to explain definitions

Business Cards

  • County Coordinator can print at home and include their information

  • Will be made available on Dropbox


  • Ben/ Josh poked to revamp KSS PowerPoint

County Coordinator Meeting

  • Howard has one page documents that goes through various topics from accessing Dropbox to how to download and utilize Filemaker

  • Preston, Weston, Stephanie, Barry, Ronson, Sean, Amber, Bob, Howard- based on this we may have 15-20

  • Bring a computer to follow along, at minimum bring a thumb drive

Digital Archive of Publications

  • Sarah emailed the Louisville Grotto

  • Has started a list of types of publications or grottos to contact


  • Amber is unsure of her future access

  • We have other options through members, maybe GCG, or we can subscribe to a cheaper option

County Survey Weekend

  • Will take place in Hart County first weekend of August 4-6

  • Camp at Lone Star Preserve

  • Will be cave survey

Paypall Button on Website

  • Get update from Ben at next meeting

Old Business

  • Howard to Chris- we received a data request today from Eric Smith and Howard was unable to get the attachment.

New Business

  • KSS Annual Meeting- September 15/16

End of official Business


Ex Officio Discussion- County Coordinators Filling Requests

  • Howard: What can county coordinators fill vs database committee?

    • Remember that other cave surveys have open/ free data

    • When kss was organized we elected to have data on request only

    • We are trying to open it up some but give county coordinators latitude to share data with cavers/ members

    • County coordinators should be able to fulfill directly small amounts of data to cavers or landowners

    • If it is a large request, government request, or commercial request, it should go through the database committee.

    • Sarah: Database committee should still be included/ copied to act as a backup to make sure that requests are fulfilled in a timely fashion.

Motion to close meeting Howard, Second Josh, Meeting Closed 8:09pm

Next Meeting- July