KSS Meeting      04/19/2017  7:00


Howard Kalnitz, Josh Brewer, Amber Yuellig, Sarah Arpin, Tim Miller, Barry Adams, Preston Forsythe Robert Yuellig, Ben Miller, Christopher Morris, Brian Ham, Susan Wilkerson, Stephanie Stoops, Clint Barber, Cody Mundy,


Previous Minuets from 02/15/2017

                Read, voted and accepted on 04/19/2017

Treasurer Report

                Not available


                Last year the 510.3c status was lost. Got it back for this year as a privet foundation. Taxes to be filed May 15th. Filing under the privet status was complicated and lengthy. KSS does not owe.  Taxes will be reviewed one last time. KSS will reapply for charitable organization, a much easier process.

Committee Reports

Sarah Arpin – Data Access

                10 request, 6 organizational and 4 privet. 1 denied for organizational and 1 denied for privet. Others were fulfilled or needed more information to be fulfilled.

                 Sarah has a detailed tracking form with date requested, name, the request, organization, reply, status, follow up, and if it can be invoiced and charged.

                Goal is to reply to request within 1 week.


                Larry Simpson donated large amount of Pulaski county data. It needs to be scanned in to the database.

                Jim Borden donated non-CRF, Non Mammoth Cave Park data. There were 250 locations, 100 were new with 7 updated.

                Many Mammoth Cave locations had multiple and duplicate entries. They have been resolved.

A total of 92 new entries have been added to the database. There are now 5,530 entries and a total of 4924 caves.

The database committee voted to accept Tim Miller and Clint Barber as county coordinators.

Cave Definition Committee

                Ben Miller question the use cylinder and dimensions in the definition for KSS. He suggested that other terminology would be better suited for this and define it better. The vote was tabled for further review and wordsmithing.


Old Business


Wayne County Work Weekend

A group ridged walked portions of Wayne County. The data needs to be entered into the database and all data for in field activities should be reported on.

Business Cards

                Business cards look good and Robert Yuellig will proceed with them. Will be using a Word Doc. Template for them.

Next year objectives

                Power Point presentation needs to be reworked. Ben miller and Josh Brewer will work on this.

Database Improvements

                A meeting at the KGS site to specifically introduce new tools and techniques for Filemaker. Date will be May 21st at 10am at KGS. A YouTube video was suggested for a reinforcement tool and guide to help with reference.


                Preston Forsythe is waiting on Bill Walden and will follow up on this.


                 Preston Forsythe discussed the WKSS data. Randy Paylor had scanned this into KSS database and is complete.

June Paper Caving Meeting


New business

Database Committee

1.       Updates of entries were read


2.       The database policy on the web site needs to be reworded and beefed up.


3.       If updating your database please fill out the report forms on the web site and send to Howard Kalnitz. This method is easier the updating via FileMaker.


4.       To be discussed is the long term Webex hosting and Data room access at KGS. Amber Yuellig currently host through Ball State University and future in unclear with this. Jim Currens will be retiring at KGS.


5.       Digital Archiving. Sarah Arpin discussed have a digital library of Kentucky grottos newsletters and publications for reference. The Karst Portal was a good resource but was pulled down because of concern of cave locations being accessible. Karst Portal is now up and needs signed permission to publish. Karst Portal has a “dark archive” with locations. Many grottos have already digitized there newsletters. Howard Kalnitz suggested going directly to the grottos. Sarah will draft a letter for the grottos asking permission to access their newsletters and publications for KSS use.


6.        Sarah Arpin will have a cave survey initiative in Hart County over a weekend. Date to be set.


7.       Ben Miller will get a Paypal button on the web site.


8.        May 17 will be the next Webex meeting at 7pm


9.       May 21 will be the cave coordinator meeting at KGS 10am



Meeting closed