KSS Meeting 2/15/2017 – Minutes

Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Josh Brewer, John Cassidy, Sean Vanderhoff, Stephanie Stoops, Mike Keltner, Howard Kalnitz, Christopher Morris, Preston Forsythe, Clinton Barber, Sarah Arpin, Brian Hamm, Ben Miller, Cody Mundy, Susan Wilkerson, Bob Roth, Bill Walden, Jim Currens, Ronson Elrod, Kegan McClanahan


-          Howard: will be out of the country next month in New Zealand, Josh is in charge of caving on paper meeting

Previous Minutes-

-          read by Yuellig, amended to add Bob Roth to Cave length committee, vote to amend by Howard, second Yuellig, unanimously accepted

Treasurer Report

-          Starting Balance- $11,249,01

-          Search Fees $200

-          Membership $75

-          Website Hosting -$15

-          Checks -$43.22

-          Ending Balance $11,465,79


-          Membership 57 total, 35 of which are life members

-          Annette Posani is our newest member and joined as a life member

-          Currently have $97 in PayPal transfer that has not cleared for membership

-          Organizational members: Greater Cincinnati Grotto, Bluegrass Grotto, Louisville Grotto, Green River Grotto, Kentucky Geological Survey (honorary)

-          move to accept Howard, second Bill, unanimously accepted

Committee Reports

Election Committee Report- Sarah

        - New Board Members announced/ Take office

-          Howard President

-          Josh President of Vice

-          Treasurer John Cassidy

-          Secretary Amber

-          Ben Miller

-          Sean Vanderhoff

-          Jim Currens



Report on election method (keep or change)

-          37 out of 60 members voted

-          Sarah found the election easy to run, happy with results

-          Preston liked, easy to use

-          Bill Walden, easy process


                The Election committee is dissolved with the thanks of the Board


Data Committee Report/Database Committee Report- Howard, Jim, Josh

        - New County Coordinators

-          New:

-          Mike Keltner- Adair

-          Susan Wilkerson- Greene

-          Jeff and Keith- Carter

-          Chris Morris- McCrearey

        - New Data Requests

-          Six new commercial requests filled in past month

-          UKY cave club made request for 7 counties, will connect them with county coordinators to recommend good caves with good access for club

-          Larry Simpson donated three boxes of Pulaski data- Thank You!

-          Secretary (Yuellig) needs to send a letter recognizing his contribution


Have openings for new members to the data access and database committees. Need board member for database committee, data access two members of board and one additional.

-          Amber volunteers for database committee

Database Committee now consists of :

        A. Yuellig,


        J. Brewer,

        J. Currens

-          Sarah and Sean volunteer for data access committee

Data Access committee now consists of

        J. Brewer

        J. Currens

        S. Vanderhoff

        S. Arpin



Cave Length Committee  (Yuellig, Roth, Yuellig, Currens)

        - Bob Roth- no progress this month

-          Ben recommends that anything that currently is in files either accessioned, mapped, etc. so that we do not need to delete caves and that they are grandfathered in. Howard agrees.


Old Business

Newsletter Update:

- Bill will be sending newsletters to new members as well as organizations

- Bill looked into bulk/ media, would require annual fee and cost us more

- Cost incurred and to be incurred by additional printing and distribution unknown

- Has the newsletter been updated for inclusion on the website

- P.F. Has suggested printing and selling newsletters at NSS bookstore, at convention

                                - who will contact NSS/ and deliver- send 20-40 to NSS


Website Update

-          Accolades from Howard!

-          Still need county coordinator contact page up

-          Chris will add Larry Simpson to contributions, needs new board members contacts


Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation Update

-          No updates or changes made

Wayne County Work Weekend

                Need info on plans/ organization

-          Bill and Josh- organizers

-          Bill published a list of projects to be completed in the newsletter

-          Paper caving is the Sunday of that weekend, moving meeting to noon

-          People need to rsvp so that we can plan for goals and assignments in advance


Business Cards

                First draft available- tabling for now as meeting is running long


New Business

June paper caving session needs to be rescheduled or cancelled as it is the weekend immediately after convention


Next Year Objectives

                Drive better Interactions with Cavers

                                -Presentations at Grottos

                                                - revamp PowerPoint presentation (Josh Brewer, Ben Miller)

                                - Representation at caving events

                                - Map Book


                Improve the Database-

                                - Coordinators Meeting  May 21-Howard

                                                - may be a conflict for folks who are active with the Speleofest event

                                                work weekend

                                - ' How to be a coordinator'- Jim/ Josh

                                - Data Platform (Filemaker Server)- Howard/ Amber

                                - Data Access (Dropbox alternatives)-


                Further the organization

                                - Better tracking of requests and fulfillment (data access committee)

                                                Look into spice- Ronson, Christopher

                                - Grants (need process)- tabled

                                - Budgeting process- John, Ronson

                                - KGS interactions

                                                Jim Curren’s retirement and access-Jim and Howard


KSS Membership for county coordinators- not in the bylaws but we should encourage them to do so.


NSS Membership for Board and County Coordinators- not in our bylaws but recommended




Next WebEx April 19


May- county coordinator meeting


Howard move to adjourn, bill seconds, unanimously- 9:26pm