KSS Meeting 1/18/2017


Howard Kalnitz, Brian Ham, Sara Arpin, Ken Bailey, Preston Forsythe Sean Vanderhoff, Christopher Morris, John Cassidy, Susan Wilkinson, Amber Yuellig, Josh Brewer, Bob Yuellig, Chris Moore, Jimbo Helton, Jim Currens, Don Conover, Bill Walden, Ben Miller, Bob Roth



·         None


Previous Minutes

·         Read by Amber from November 2016


·         Motion to accept: Howard, second: indistinguishable who seconded


·         Minutes accepted unanimously



·         Starting 10465.95


·         -340 annual meeting


·         -90 caving on paper lunch


·         +895 search fees


·         +138.05 membership


·         11,249.01 ending balance


·         56 total members, 34 of which are life members

·         Unanimously accepted


Election Committee

·         Sara: election just launched and everyone should have an email in their inbox with directions, elections open for a month, candidate bio’s sent out through Yahoo Groups


·         Cost of elections: $15


·         For people running for three member-at-large positions


·         Election Committee: Sara, Bill, Ken


Cave Length Committee

·         Committee: Jim Currens, Bob, and Amber


·         Had discussions at caving on paper meeting, have not continued discussing over holidays


·         Committee needs to make a single recommendation for the next meeting


·         Howard does not personally agree with throwing things out of the data, we may want to redefine some occurrences as needed. 


Database Requests

·         Two Requests-Fulton, Boone- returned no charge, no karst


·         Elliot County- will proceed filling the request as there are no objections


·         Mike Keltner requested to be county coordinator for Adair, life member of the KSS


·         Howard curious if anybody has heard from Jim Greer, he has not been active over the past few years, unknown if he is working on his counties. He currently is assigned Adair.

Old Business

·          Most newsletters have been mailed, Bill Walden will finish the mailing tomorrow

o   Howard: Bill did an excellent job, looks great, and there is lots of information in it

o   Howard to Bill- Bill originally offered to pay for the whole thing but KSS should pick up the postage and contribute to the printing fees

o   Postage 81.99+ 28, $8 worth of stamps remaining

o   Bill will provide estimate for printing or reimburse for paper/ ink

o   Will continue to send out one to two newsletters a year

o   Agreed to send organization newsletters out. Bill to look at using media post for this

o     Ben to provide some extra addresses for organizations

o   Should we provide Member opt out for digital printing only? Suggest we post to website

o   Waiting to get final corrected version to post to web/yahoo group

·         Still need to find a new Carter County Coordiantor, Howard will be going to the Crawlathon and will talk to local cavers about becoming involved



·         Christopher has been working on the new website and it looks dang good.

o   Includes Home, Contacts, Automated Data Request that go directly to data committee, Bylaws, Officer Information, Schedules, Minutes, Data Policy, County Coordinators (inactive currently),

o   Need to determine if we need to renew our domain or if Christopher should host the website ($15/yr vs current $12/mo that we currently pay for hosting)

o   Howard motions we accept website and we want Chris to host it for the fee of $15/yr

§  Multiple seconds, passes unanimously


·         We have money, Howard would like to set a yearly budget for the things we like to spend money on

o   Most of our money is generated from data requests, not membership

o   Howard things we should pass a budget and spend money

§  Newsletter $500

§  Annual Meeting $400

§  Caving On Paper $100

§  Website Costs $20

§  Dropbox $100

§  Elections bi-yearly $15.00

o   Howard moves to accept as budget, John seconds, passes unanimously


·         Wayne County Work Day


o   List in current newsletter page 31, scheduled March 18


·         Contact consultants to get input on the impact of the data


·         Work weekends- need to start arranging work weekends to locate and identify caves


·         County coordinators- need to provide updates to your files


·         Suggest that in the creation of next year’s budget that we should create a budget committee, form in October2017 for 2018 budget.  Shelve until Oct 2017


·         Suggestion to create downloadable business card for members (Bob Y and HJK)


·         Suggestion for landowner information literature, standard letter with organizational information (Bob Roth /Susan Wilkerson)