August 17 2016 - KSS Board Meeting,  Minutes

Attendance: Bob Roth, Preston Forsyth, Lee Florea, Jimbo Helton, John Cassidy, Josh Brewer

Meeting called to Order at 7:40


- RKC has bought the Skylight Dome and Hurricane Pit entrances to Pine Hill

- The Owner of Fossil Cave in Pulaski County has donated the cave to the NSS, and will remain on  premises to care take

After some discussion, Josh Brewer will reach out to Julie Shenk-Brown and try and get recent survey data and a map for the KSS collection


Minutes from Last meeting

Read and accepted


Treasurers Report

- Treasurers report read and Accepted

- John needs drop box password to get receipt for Dropbox costs. HJK to send (sent!)

- John will send google doc password so we can get on and look at requests log

- John suggest we use a yahoo group for location requests - that way all data committee people can see requests and we talk about who will fill

HJK will look into forming a new Yahoo Group to facilitate this


Database Committee

- HJK shared updates. Will share much larger update at Annual Survey meeting

- Bob Roth requested a county to work on. We talked Franklin county, as this is one of several that Jim Greer has, and has not updated since 2011. HJK will work this



- Lee still has 2 boxes of data. He will prioritize getting those back, possibly through Howard

- He reports about 50% of our paper files have now been scanned in. Most of the hanging files are complete, but the large format maps are just barely complete


Old Business

KSS Annual Meeting

- Josh has pulled together a great meeting

- He has over 11 presentations already

- He has activities for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

-Josh will look into staying or camping at HV

- More details will be forthcoming

- Board voted to allow Josh to Spend 250$ against the Annual meeting


New Bylaws

- New bylaws were shared again. There were no requests for changes

- Bylaws will be voted on by the board at annual meeting in September

- If you will not be at meeting, PLEASE nominate a proxy for the vote


New Business

- HJK will look into a go to meeting account, so that we are not tied back to Ball state


Meeting Called at 8:34pm

Next meeting at Annual Survey meeting

HJK Recording