Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Howard Kannitz, John Cassidy, Josh Brewer, Kelly last name? Jim Currens



  • Howard: RKC purchased skylight dome and pine hill pit entrance


Meeting Minutes

  • Amber reads minutes

  • Howard motions to approve

  • Amber second,

  • Motion approved unanimously


Treasurer- John Cassidy

  • Starting balance 8118.08

  • 50 search fee eco-tech

  • 60 search fee redwing

  • end balance 8228.08

  • 41 members

  • 30 life members

  • Howard motion to accept

  • Josh second

  • Motion approved unanimously



  • Gave several county coordinators access to filmmaker files

  • Did a run-through that went very well

  • Summer paper meeting to be scheduled

  • Howard planning to change drop box password for traceability

  • WKSS files scanned in


Data Request

  • John has started a Google doc to track data requests

  • One outstanding request that Steve Gentry could not fill

  • Howard did a slideshow on how to use FileMaker pro on how to make a data request

  • Amber still needs to see if she can get  good price on additional copies of pro from Ball State



  • Discussed all changes being recommended, no major objections were made and the draft will be circulated to the entire membership for comment and vote

  • Howard will send it to board for another read through and then it will be sent to membership, vote on it at next general election

  • Amber look into web election services



  • New format in production:


Annual Survey meeting


Old business


New business