Kentucky Speleological Survey

Meeting Minutes 4-20-16


Meeting Conducted via WebEX


Attendees: Kalnitz, A. Yuellig, Conover, S, Gentry, Paylor, Currens, Forsythe


Previous Minutes: Approved Unanimously



·      Website fees have been paid



·      $7836

·      attempting to get tax free purchasing


Data Committee

·      Howard encourages committees to download Filemaker Runtime

·      No new updates on actual database

·      Garry O’del  has lots of data and is getting ready to publish another book on Rockcastle County


Data Request Committee

·      Plan to make a data request sheet in google docs for tracking

·      Jim believes that there is currently one outstanding request

·      Will create an email address for requests that will circulate them to members of the committee



·      Looking for a volunteer to take on the website



·      Updated bylaws are currently being worked on. Plan to have a full draft ready for circulation in June

·      Discussion regarding changes to election procedures in the bylaws favor online elections