October 19 2016 Board Meeting  Minutes:


H. Kalnitz, J. Brewer, S. Arpin, J. Helton, S. Stoops, T. Miller, J. Cassidy, K. Bailey, K. Bobo, B. Roth, B. Ham, J. Currens, W.Hennion, P. Forsythe

Called to order at 7:20 (most people had joined at 7:00pm)


Reading of previous minutes

                - Bylaws update

                - Election costs

Treasurer  Report

We voted to reimburse J. Brewer for overages on the annual meeting lunch, which ran over about 90$ due to high attendance. Josh will forward receipt to John


                Preston Forsyth - Sperka funds update

Preston reports that Roger Sperka left over 500,000$ to the NSS as a bequest. This has all been applied to the Headquarters account. It also spurred an additional donation of almost the same amount. The headquarters account is now around $300,000 and the mortgage payment has been greatly reduced


Committee Report

- Data Committee

                - New County Coordinators

New county coordinators were announced:

                Breckinridge       - Stephanie Stoops

                Butler                    - Brian Ham (CC with Preston)

                Franklin                - Bob ROth

                Hart                       - Sarah Arpin and Weston Hennion

                Monroe               - Kristin Bobo

                Wolfe                    - Chris Morris

                - CC Manual

A updated manual has been released, and should have been sent to all County Coordinators. COntact the Data committee if you have not received


                - Election Committee

                                1) Election Committee

                Ken Bailey, Sarah Arpin and Bill Walden have agreed to make up the committee

                                2) Nominations:

                                                a) President

                                                                H. Kalnitz was nominated and accepted

                                                b) Vice president

                                                                J. Brewer was nominated and accepted

                                                c) Treasurer

                                                                J. Cassidy was nominated and Accepted

                                                d) Secretary

                                                                Amber Yuellig was nominated and accepted at a later time

                                                                Brian Ham was nominated and accepted, and later gave up the                                                                                                 nomination

                                                e) Member at Large (3)

                                                                Sean Vanderhoff was nominated and will be contacted

                                                                Ben Miller was Nominated and will be contacted

                                                                Jim Currens was nominated and accepted

                                                                Bob Roth was nominated and accepted

                                3) Election Method

The election committee will choose the election vendor and run the election


                                                                - electionbuddy.com

                                                                - Elections online

                                                                - Election Runner


Old Business

                - Newsletter

Josh Brewer is drumming up articles to help Bill walden produce a Newsletter. he asks that all people who gave a presentation at the annual meeting produce a article.

The Target date for the newletter is new years, with a last date to deliver articles as Dec. 10th


                - Website

                No Update - HJK needs to contact Chris Morris

                - Annual Meeting recap

The annual meeting went very well, and we all had fun! We gained several new members and new county coordinators.


                - TCS Meeting recap

Several of us went to the TCS meeting as well - TCS has very good data, but we are in good shape with our database structure and Dropbox structure


New Business

                - MOU Update

The new MOU was read and accepted. We will forward to KGS for agreement and signature by both groups


                -  Cave Definition


                                Cave versus  feature

                                Need a committee to decide

A new committee  was created to give a recommendation on how to define a cave to apply to our current database: J. Currens, A. Yuellig, B. Roth


Long term Record storage

Jim Currens Reccomends  we look into long term underground storage when we get all our physical Data scanned




Next Meeting :

Nov 13th              Paper Caving @ KGS -  10am

                We will supply lunch.....