March 2022 Minutes

Sarah Arpin calls the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Christopher Morris, Sarah Arpin, John Cassidy, Ryan HN, Kevin Zachary, Jeff Hamilton, Pat Kambesis, Sean Vanderhoff, Barry Adams, Bob Roth, and Howard Kalnitz were all in attendance.

Minutes taken by Christopher Morris.

Approval of the Previous Meetings (Sarah Arpin)

  • John motioned to pass them, Pat seconded.
  • Minutes passed

Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy - Not Present)

  • $20,397.41 starting in September
  • $410 in search request fees came in
  • $1096 was spent for Filemaker
  • $210.64 was spent for ESRI
  • $150 was pent for a grant to Cody Kisner
  • $18,850.77 was the ending balance
  • John mentioned that the board should set membership fees next time we change the bylaws.

Data Committee (Howard Kalnitz)

  • Not much to report.
  • The biggest was getting ESRI and Filemaker paid for.
  • All requests are up to date.
  • A couple caver requests came in.

Membership Committee (Bob Roth & Sean Vanderhoff)

  • 78 members
    • 59 are life members
    • 19 are yearly
      • 8 are past due
    • 1 member on the list that has past away
  • Sean said he is available for any questions.
    • He said they do not need monthly meetings and will only have them as needed, which is usually twice a year.
    • He thinks they could do a lot more if given the ability.
    • Discussion ensued about social media.
    • Discussion ensued about membership, renewal, and the fact that membership has been declining.
      • The membership committee will discuss and get back to the board.
  • Sarah noted that we could look at automatic websites that would send out the reminder emails, etc.

Annual Report (Christopher Morris)

  • It has been sent out to the printer in Bowling Green and Christopher plans to find another printer in the Louisville or Lexington area for a quote as well.
    • He will forward to the board when he receives them.

Old Business

  • KSS Grants
    • Need to put the new grant information on the website
      • Howard has this information
    • Need to reach out to past recipients to write something up about receiving the grant money from us
  • IYCK
    • Pat mentioned that she has said she was happy to head this up
    • Pat went into detail about her idea for this
    • Pat has talks that she could give one in April and May to get this going
    • Bob asked who our audience is
      • Pat noted that it was our membership
    • Christopher noted that we were going to call them Floyd Talks, which was Jim Currens’ idea for the name.
    • Kevin noted that BGG has discussed doing something for IYCK as well.
    • Pat said let's start in May.
      • Kevin noted that it sounds great.
      • Sarah said let's get it scheduled.  
      • Pat noted let’s schedule them on May 25th for the first one.
  • Interns
    • Sarah will get with Ben and Pat on this
  • Jim Currens KSS Files
    • Bob has uploaded them all to the Google Drive
    • Bob said he is around 85% done
  • Is there a routine for updating KSNPC?
    • Sarah and Howard will set up a meeting with them to discuss this.

New Business

  • Will push new business to the next meeting.
  • Annual Meeting
    • Bob noted to get the Annual Meeting back on the agenda for next month.
    • We are 6 months out

Christopher motioned to adjourn at 7:55 pm and Pat seconded.