February 2022 Minutes


Sarah Arpin calls the meeting to order at 7:11 pm.


Christopher Morris, Sarah Arpin, Bob Roth, Christian DeCelle, John Cassidy, Howard Kalnitz, Tony Moore, Jeff Hamilton, Barry Adams, and Pat Kambesis


were all in attendance.


Minutes taken by Christopher Morris.


Approval of the Previous Meetings (Sarah Arpin)

  • Howard motioned to pass them, John seconded.
  • Minutes passed


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy)

  • $18,107.41 starting in September
  • $2,036 in search request fees
  • $508.55 in membership fees
  • - $17.95 website fee
  • - $236.60 for the annual meeting
  • $20,397.41 ending balance
  • There was discussion about increasing the lifetime fee for membership.  We will update the bylaws with a change to the board’s discretion for the fee. 


Data Committee (Howard Kalnitz)

  • Howard discussed the money we need for ESRI and FileMaker for the next year.
    • ESRI should be around $200 but we have not received an invoice yet.
  • Howard motioned for a $200± invoice for ESRI online.  John seconded the motion.
    • Sarah asked for a vote by acclamation.  Motion passed.
  • Howard motioned for 7 seats for FileMaker, to renew for $1,596.00 and Christopher seconded.
    • Sarah asked for a vote by acclamation.  Motion passed.
  • We have had 12 requests since last month's meeting.
  • Howarded noted that the auto email was messed up but Christopher got it fixed.

Membership Committee (Bob Roth)

  • No updates.  Sean has said meetings are as needed.


Annual Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher said it will be sent out to the printer for a quote next week and then be sent to the board for a vote.


Old Business

  • Grant Requests
    • Sarah asked Christopher to update the website to have it sent to Hoard and her instead of Amber. 
      • Christopher updated the website to do that.
    • Sarah will send Cody an email about his grant being accepted for $150.
  • Sarah discussed having an intern from WKU and about 5 links she sent via email.
  • There was then discussion about an intern and pricing through WKU
  • Sarah asked if the keywording was worth it. 
    • Discussion ensued about keywording.
  • Howard asked about caves and not having numbers and keywords in Google Drive
    • Discussion ensued about this and such.
  • For talking about and discussing the interns who should be on a group about that?
    • Sarah, Pat and Howard will tackle this objective.


New Business

  • Sarah asked about the files from Jim Curens that he brought to the KSS annual meeting. 
    • Bob has 47 files that are already scanned from this.
    • Bob said that the majority of the files that were in that bag were already in the KSS files.  
    • Sarah said that to get with Chris about getting the files into the KSS database.
      • Bob said that he will get it added to the folder that Christopher created this evening for Jim Currens data.
  •  Sarah talked about an update for giving data to the state nature preserve people, and updating them with our data as is current (KSNPC).
    • Howard updated us on the fact that this relationship is working great.
  • Sarah discussed updating our data from the archives.
  • Bob asked if we should rename the publications in the archive.
    • Sarah said this would be a fantastic idea.
    • Discussion ensued about how to name these for the future.
  • Sarah asked if we are interested in getting help from our membership?
    • Is this something that we want to start to address and have membership help with it?
    • Should our membership have access to our archives in any format?
      • Bob said being on the membership committee has brought this to his attention.  
      • Christopher agreed with Bob and Sarah piped in by saying that we need to have the membership involved.
      • Sarah will add it in for next Month’s discussion.
        • Discussion ensued.
  • Sarah announced that WKU karst field studies are now posted and announced.

Christopher motioned to adjourn at 8:20 pm and John & Jeff seconded.