January 2022 Minutes


Sarah Arpin calls the meeting to order at 7:28 pm.


Christopher Morris, Sarah Arpin, Howard Kalnitz, James Borden, Jeff Hamilton, and Pat Kambesis were all in attendance.


Minutes taken by Christopher Morris.


Approval of the Previous Meetings (Sarah Arpin)

  • Howard motioned to pass them, Pat seconded.
  • Minutes passed


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy - Not Present)


Data Committee (Howard Kalnitz)

  • Everything is going well.  Requests are up to date, as of today.
  • Howard does not have the totals from 2021 but he thinks we had over 90 requests last year.
  • The ESRI organization renewal is pending.
  • FileMaker renewal will be in a few months.

Membership Committee (Sean Vanderhoff - Not Present)

Annual Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Sarah is jumping in and helping finish up the 2020 AR.
    • Plan is to have it ready to vote on at next month's meeting.
  • The current thinking for this year’s annual is to open for articles in March and close it in May or June and have it printed by the September meeting.


Old Business

  • Code of Ethics/Conduct
    • Sarah put it up for a vote.
    • There were no no’s, it passes by acclimation.
  • KSS Grant application form Cody Kisner for a survey grant
    • Are there any questions about this grant application?
    • Howard reported that the Grant Committee suggests that the board approves this grant for $150.
    • Sarah calls it for a vote.
    • There were no no’s, it passes by acclimation.
    • Howard mentioned that we need to let Cody and John know.
      • He said he is going to use some of it for a Disto and some of it for rope.
    • Pat asked if he will be required to write an article, which Howard confirmed he will be required to.
  • Howard shared the new grant application rules.
    • There were issues with the original grant application rules that needed to be ironed out and buttoned down better.
    • Discussion ensued about the updates.
    • Sarah calls it for a vote.
    • There were no no’s, it passes by acclimation.
  • Pat brought up that her department is ok with a student working on the KSS data.
    • We can do it as an internship or an independent study, etc.
    • Howard said we set up specific goals and it would be an internship.  We also need to make sure we set up all the resources up front before hiring the student.
    • We would do a set hourly rate, and how many hours per semester.
    • Howard explained what we are thinking about what a student can do and work on.
    • We are looking at Fall 2022 for an internship at WKU.
    • Sarah will talk with Ben as she thinks a lot of it is written up.


New Business

  • Howard asked about the Jim Currens KSS files.
    • Discussion about what files are in there ensued. 
      • The original signed MOU is included in these files.
      • Other misc. correspondence.


Christopher motioned to adjourn at 8:03 pm and Pat seconded.