December 2020 Minutes


Sean calls the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


Christopher Morris, Kevin Zachary, Sean Vanderhoff, Sarah Arpin, Howard Kalnitz, Michael Seth, Alan Hatcher, Preston Forsythe, Susan Wilkinson, John Cassidy, Ben Tobin, Bob Roth, Rich Kline, Sheila Minor, Jim Currens & Suan Wilkinson were all in attendance.


Minutes taken by Christopher Morris.



  • Preston announced that Christopher’s deadline for the annual is the end of this month.
    • Sean explained how to submit.


Reading of the Previous Meetings (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher read the minutes.
  • Kevin motitioned to pass them, John seconded.
  • Minutes passed


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy)

  • We started with $13,563.44
  • $2,334.32 fees came in
    • $2,300 in search fees
    • $34.32 in membership fees
    • We have a total of $15,897.76
  • John emailed the Grant recipient. 
    • He has not heard back from him yet.


Data Committee (Sarah Arpin)

  • 9 new data requests.
    • 5 commercial
      • Sarah elaborated on these requests
    • 3 from county coordinators
    • 1 academic request
      • Sarah explained this request.
      • Related to Tom Barr’s beetle research
      • They shared Jedidiah’s research with us


Emergency Response (Mike Keltner)

  • Not present, no report.
  • Sean asked if he had access.
    • Christopher updated him on making sure Mike got the access he needed.

Membership Committee (Sheila Minor)

  • 2 new members in November.
  • 56 life members and 40 annual members.
  • Total of 96 members.


Election Committee (Ben Tobin)

  • Ben put out a final call for nominations
  • Current Nominations:
    • President - Sarah Arpin
    • Vice President - Bob Roth
    • Treasurer - John Cassidy
    • Secretary - Christopher Morris
    • Member-at-Large - Amber Yuellig, Howard Kalnitz, & Kevin Zachary
  • Sarah asked and Ben confirmed that Pat took her name out of running.


Grant Committee (Amber Yuellig)

  • Not present, no report.
  • Sean noted that there were several things to talk about on this.
    • Christopher noted that John had stated that he had reached out to the grant recipient. 
  • Sean said we should advertise it more that we have a grant.
    • Sarah said she would like for us to turn around and take care of it right away.
    • So we should iron out the details ASAP
      • John agreed
    • Discussion ensued about hammering out the details better for the grants
  • Howard said to push to the next meeting and hash it out then


Survey Initiatives (Sean Vanderhoff)

  • Sean has reservations about this due to Covid
    • Chris agreed
    • Kevin stated that it is outside and shouldn’t be too much of an issue
    • Sarah noted that no one has stated that they have a project area


Annual Report Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher gave an update on the annual
  • Sean noted that he is more than willing to help
  • Preston commented about how great the last few years have been


New Business

  • Sean noted that we are an interim board so there is not much business to be done until the new board is sworn in
  • John noted that he is looking for options about taking credit cards for commercial request invoices
    • Howard noted that Pam used to use Square
    • Sarah asked about direct deposit options
    • Some discussion ensued
  • Sean asked about new swag
    • Sarah noted that it would not be a bad idea
    • Sarah elaborated that there are a few different routes for this


Christopher motioned to adjourn at 7:51 and John seconded.