November 2020 Minutes


Sean calls the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.


John Cassidy, Ben Tobin, Amber Yuellig, Christopher Morris, Sean Vanderhoff, Barry Adams, Mike Keltner, Kevin Zachary, Philip Francis, Bob Roth, Sarah Arpin, Rich Kline, Bob Gulden, Preston Forsythe, Kimbro Pittman


Minutes taken by Christopher Morris.



  • No announcements.


Reading of the Previous Meetings (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher read the minutes.
  • John motitioned to pass them, Ben seconded.
  • Minutes passed


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy)

  • We started with $13,163.94
  • $443.26 fees came in
    • $360.00 in search fees
    • $83.26 in membership fees
    • We have a total of $13,563.44
  • GCC renewed their membership
    • John will get an address for sending their annual
  • Sean & Chris noted to hold off on the credit cards having a second name for now


Data Committee (Sarah Arpin)

  • 19 new data requests.
    • 9 commercial
  • Sarah updated on the Regional Coordinators.
    • She noted that we named our coordinators a few months back
    • We have been working on dealing with data coming in and going out
    • We have got a small bit of that completed and it includes some training on it
  • Sarah introduced the Code of Ethics
    • Sarah explained what the data committee has been doing in regards to this
    • Sarah explained what it includes and why it was done
    • Sarah said that she would love to see it to go to an organizational vote to our new board in the new year
    • Sarah will share this document out with the greater membership
      • Sean agreed that we should get this out to the membership
  • Sean said that he had multiple people reach out about Regional Coordinators
    • He noted that we are in a transitional phase and to please be patient 
    • Sarah noted that Ben has been meeting with some of the Regional Coordinators and getting them up to date to the process and workflow for the future


Emergency Response (Mike Keltner)

  • Mike gave an intro since he has been missing for a while due to Covid-19
  • Discussion about access to Google Drive
    • Chris will get Mike access ASAP to the drive
  • Mike talked to the second in command and talked up the KSS
  • Mike also noted that he had 5 new caves to add to Adair County
  • Sarah spoke up and explained the problem with transferring data from Howard’s personal accounts over to KSS accounts


Membership Committee (Sean Vanderhoff)

  • Sean updated us on Sheila having some health issues
  • 5 new members.
    • 0 life members and 5 annual members.
  • Total of 94 members.
  • About 45% are life members


Election Committee (Ben Tobin)

  • Ben is setting up an online portal for elections
  • Nominations are due by the next meeting in December
  • They are looking for more people to run
  • There are currently 7 people running for the 8 positions
  • Ben asked the candidates for a paragraph about why they are running and about themselves 


Grant Committee (Amber Yuellig)

  • No report
  • Sarah asked about the grant we granted
    • Amber stated that we need to work out the details on how to pay him
  • Sarah asked John what was his preference on payment
    • John responded by asking what we would like
    • Pat reiterated Sarah’s question and filled in why students would need 
  • John said he will reach out to him
    • Amber will get John the information of the grant recipient 


Annual Report Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher gave an update on annual
  • You can visit to submit an article
  • Pat asked about someone writing an article about the annual meeting since it was something special and went over extremely well
  • Sean noted that he would help with editing
  • Pat noted that she would be willing to help as well
  • Christopher noted that he expects reports from all the committee chairs


Annual Meeting (Sean Vanderhoff)

  • Sean asked about the thoughts on the virtual annual meeting
    • Pat said she thought it was great and well attended
    • Pat noted that we might want to consider doing something similar once a quarter, etc.
    • Sarah agreed with Pat’s idea and enjoyed the educational aspect of it
  • Barry asked if the speeches were recorded
    • Christopher noted that he recorded Pat’s
    • Pat noted that the presenters could record their presentations for us to publish
      • Sarah noted that it would be awesome
      • Pat said that she would be happy to reach out and ask the presenters to record their presentation
    • Sean said he would be willing to reach out
      • He also noted that it would not include the organic nature of the meeting, but that it would still be good content
    • Philip agreed as well that it would be good to get these recorded and out there


New Business


Kevin motioned to adjourn at 8:08 and John seconded.