KSS Agenda 5/20/2020

Attendees: Sarah Arpin, Amber Yuellig, Sean Vanderhoff, Ben Tobin, 

  1. Announcements: 
  • Howard Kalnitz is stepping down as president
  • Josh Brewer is stepping down as vice president
  • Invitation to into closed session for Howard Kalnitz and Christopher Morris
  • Speleofest- cancelled
  • KarstORama- cancelled

New Business:

Board Changes and Appointments

Amber will take over as chair, Ben will take over as Secretary, 

We will solicit volunteers for appointments for three weeks- June 7

Meet with new board June 10 for Zoom Happy Hour

Next board meeting June 17 on Zoom



Vice President



Appointment (Ben)


John Cassidy




Ben/ Appointment



  1. Reading of Previous Minutes (Amber)
  • Reading of April minutes
  • Postponed till June
  1. Treasurer’s Report (John)
  • Report
  • Bank Cards
  • Fidelity
  1. Data (Sarah)
  • Data Requests
    • Commercial- Princeton, KY data request
    • Caver Request- Bob Roth in progress
  • Bylaw Changes Update for restructuring of data committee- passed
  1. Emergency Response (Mike) no report
  2. Membership (Sean) two renewals, one was a life, Shelia will take over as chair
  3. Grants (Amber) award letter in progress
  4. Annual Report (Chris) no report
  5. KSS Expeditions 
  • Everything on hold due to pandemic
  1. Annual Meeting (Sean)- on hold due to covid, could have Zoom meeting (we hope not)


Old Business

  • June 28 Face to face- cancelled at UK
  • GSuite (Chris) no report


New Business

  • KGS Interns- one intern will hopefully join next data meeting and report in
  • Sean is making a GIS of geographic boundaries for coordinators


Next Data Meeting TBD

Next Board Meeting June 17

Motion to Adjorn Sarah, second Sean 

Adjorn 8:24