KSS Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2020


Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Josh Brewer, Sarah Arpin, Ben Tobin, Christopehr Morris, Kimbro, Preston Forsythe, Rich Kline, Sean Vanderhoff, Howard Kalnitz, Kevin Zachary, SM

  1. Announcements: 
  • Speleofest- still on maybe
  • KOR- new date
  • Karst Field Studies- cancelled
  • Kimbro- new survey Montgomery Cave
  • UNESKO- not cancelled
  • NSS Cartography- meeting tomorrow by Zoom


  1. Minutes (Amber)
  • March minutes read by Amber Yuellig
  • Ben motion, Sean second
  • Minutes accepted 


  1. Treasurer’s Report (John)
  • See treasurer’s spreadsheet
  • John will update bank, fidelity etc.
  • Report accepted


  1. Data (Sarah)
  • 6 Data requests
    • 5 commercial, requests fulfilled
    • 1 academic (Jim Currens), in progress
  • Inquiry- county coordinator form regarding land acquisition
  • Bylaw changes regarding Data and Data Access committee restructuring need to be voted on and passed
    • Waiting 45 days for comment
  • Next data meeting 4/29
  • Bylaw change will effect how data committee responds
  • Bylaw changes have not been distributed to membership by email yet


  1. Emergency Response (Mike)
  • Adair county has had 44 cases of Covid 19 and has been his focus as of recent


  1. Membership (Sean)
  • Current Total- 95
  • Life- 45
  • Regular- 50


  1. Grants (Amber)
  • Summarized additional changes to grant guidelines
  • Changes passed
  • SA: hesitant to approve anything else moving forward until bylaw changes are made


  1. Annual Report (Chris)
  • There were a few returned reports. We have reached out to these members to update addresses.
  • There are still a few to add.
  • Now accepting material for 2020.


  1. KSS Expeditions 
  • Everything on hold due to pandemic


  1. Annual Meeting (Sean and Josh)
  • Introducing cartography salon at the Annual Meeting- cavers choice award

Old Business

  • June 28 Face to face
    • Will revisit in June, might not be able to hold one at UK due to UK cancelling on campus summer activities
  • GSuite (Chris)
    • GDrive
    • Committee Accounts
    • Testing capabilities
    • Dropbox
  • Go To Meeting for Grotto Use (Sean)
    • We are offering use of Go to Meeting to grottos during pandemic
    • Louisville Grotto and Green River Grotto have reached out

New Business

  • KGS Interns- need tasks for interns, want to make sure they are going in a desirable direction regarding work and that we are getting the outcomes we seek
    • The biggest goal is to know what we have and build upon it
    • Private collections have not been touched
    • What do we want to see our database look like?
  • Chris- do we need to be explicit about how we populate committees in bylaws
    • Howard- you don’t want to be too specific otherwise you will have to change bylaws every time
  • KSS Logo

Meeting adjorn 8:30pm