KSS Meeting 3/18/20


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Sara Arpin, Ben Tobin, Chris Morris, John Cassidy, Sean Vanderhoff, Shelia Minor, Amber Yuellig



  • TCS Meeting Cancelled
  • OCS Meeting Cancelled
  • Howard will take a sabbatical March- May from presidential role., Josh will step forward to lead meetings and be the proxy tiebreaker vote when required, Chris will be the proxy voter for Josh


Previous Minutes- Amber

  • Accepted



  • See John’s report
  • Fidelity is moving slowly, may want to wait to tie up our money in a mutual fund due to the stock marked dip from corona virus. May want to consider just the bond at this time
  • We did get USPS non-profit status; they have an annual fee that makes it not worth it



  • Data
    • Mission/Vision/Purpose- Sarah
      • Revised
      • Amber motion to accept, John second
      • Passed unanimously
    • Bylaw Changes- Sarah
      • We will conduct changes digitally and post publicly, vote will occur in April or May
    • GSuite report- Chris
      • We obtained non-profit status with Google and now have use of GSuite
      • Free storage, will transition away from Dropbox
      • Free meeting software, will cancel Go To Meeting
      • Individual logins, customizable groups with permissions
      • Personal emails @ksscaves.org
      • Google Hangout
      • Ability to mass email members
    • Database
      • See above
    • Emergency- no report
    • Membership- Sean
      • No update
    • Grants
      • Deadline will be changed to “priority given to applicants received my March 1”
      • Matrix for rating grants
      • Committee grades application, board votes
      • Grant Committee consists of Josh, Amber, and John
      • The current request will be circulated to Josh and John followed by an online vote
    • Annual Report
      • Mailed
    • Advisory Committee
      • No update
    • Annual Meeting
      • No update


Old Business

  • Interns- laid off
    • Almost completed cataloging all paper files
  • June 28- we have scheduled a Face-to-Face board meeting


New Business

  • See bylaw discussion
  • Quinlan UK Collection- on hold
  • Cave Cartography Meeting- Josh


Future Work

  • Election
  • Bylaws
  • Advisory board
  • Member section
  • Member list/ guide
  • Biota data
  • Survey 123
  • Should editor have credit card?


Meeting adjorn 9:11pm