KSS Meeting Minutes 2/19/20


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Amber Yuellig, Shelia Minor, Kevin Zachery, Sarah Arpin, Sean Vanderhoff, Josh Brewer, Ben Tobin, John Cassidy, Chris Morris, Barry Adams, Jim Currens



  • Howard Kalnitz and Pat Kambesis will be teaching cave survey at the Karst Field Studies the week of 6/14


Previous Minutes: Amber

  • Correction: Data Access Committee meeting is 1/22, not 2/22
  • We will be putting $3000 in each mutual fund
  • Minutes passed as amended



  • See John’s report
  • Sarah will be point contact for some of our tax mail at the KGS address
  • Seeking approval for nonprofit status from USPS
  • Hearing back from Fidelity soon
  • Designated individuals names  will be on new credit cards
  • Report accepted


Committee Reports

  1. Data Access- Sarah
    • Howard, Sarah, Sean, Josh, Chris (Ben Tobin nonvoting)
    • Agreed to combine into one committee “Data Committee”
    • Regional Coordinators- adding regional coordinators
      1. Eastern Kentucky- Ben Tobin
      2. Bluegrass- Sarah Arpin
      3. West Central- Sean Vanderhoff
      4. Western Kentucky- Josh Brewer
    • Other Updates
      1. Need to post that 2 weeks are needed to answer data requests, we can fast track requests if requested
      2. Sarah will work to make biweekly email with request updates
      3. $770 in requests this month
  2. Emergency- Mike Keltner- no update
  3. Membership- Sean
    • 99 members (53 life)
    • Looking at sending quarterly emails
  4. Grant Committee- Amber
    • Need to send out a grant application to the board
    • Need to define timelines for grants, submission process, designated contact
  5. Annual Report
    • Over 13oz costs 7.25 priority mail
    • Hoping to obtain nonprofit status from USPS
    • The report should qualify as media mail, DMM 173.3.2
    • Raise the shipping budget to $250, passed
    • Will send to organization members/ grottos
    • How can we boost organization members and benefits to organization members
  6. Advisory Committee- no update
  7. KSS Expeditions
    • Taylor county 2/21
    • Wells 3/21 or 4/4
  8. Annual Meeting- Sean
    • About 100 people
    • Looking in Louisville area for a place to hold it


Old Business

  • Interns
    • 2 undergrads cataloging paper files in county folders and making sure they have all been digitized
    • Will need to discuss newly added files
  • Yahoo Group- no updates
  • June 28 Face to Face board meeting @KGS
  • Fee for ArcGIS paid but not cleared yet
  • Dropbox- no update


New Business

  • Jim Currens- looking for Speleofest guidebook between 1985-1999 article he wrote on Mammoth Cave geology


Meeting adjourned 8:48 pm


Next Meeting 3/18