KSS Board Meeting 

October 15, 2019


Attendees: Amber Yuellig, Howard Kalnitz, Barry Adams, Christopher Morris, Preston Forsythe, Kimbro, Sean Vanderhoff, Josh Brewer


Reading of Previous Minutes: 

  • 8/21 minutes approved



  • Yahoo Groups will discontinue service in December
  • Chris can make an email list for website
  • Yahoo was bought out



  • No report
  • Credit card discussion
    • We want to make purchasing easier, considering a prepaid card or debit card with a low balance
    • Prepaid may not have a negative balance penalty, just rejected


Committee Reports

  • Data Access
    • No report
    • Josh: one open request for a historic society
  • Database- Howard
    • TVA request- want all data, we will probably treat this like all other requests and require them to narrow down the request to a specific area
    • We are transitioning from Filemaker to Microsoft Access
    • Working to retool survey 123
  • Archive- 
    • Preston donated 283 reports from WKSS
    • Steve Gentry donated personal cave files
  • Emergency
    • No report
  • Membership: Sean
    • 2 new members before Annual meeting
    • 5 new (4 yearly, 1 life) at annual meeting
    • we have roughly 85 members in the KSS with roughly half being life members
  • Grants
    • No report
  • Annual Report: Josh
    • Accepting submissions all year round
    • Deadline for annual report is 12/31
  • Advisory committee
    • No update
  • KSS Survey Expeditions: Josh
    • Finished up survey in Logan county during annual meeting
  • Annual Meeting: Josh recap
    • Second best turnout with roughly 45 people in attendance
    • Kimbro won most caves documented prize and made first presentation ever
    • Need internet next year, look for an indoor place so we can offer remote access to meeting through Go To Meeting to reach more people
    • Thanks to all the presenters and the Louisville Grotto for hosting


Old Business

  • Kentucky state nature preserves-  agreement signed and complete
  • Regional Coordinators- no update
  • Letters for Advisory Committee- no update
  • Jim Quinlin slides- no update
  • Ben Tobin Intern Proposal- no update
    • Approved 
    • Need to understand timing


New Business

  • Sarah will set up a data committee meeting for early November


Meeting Adjorn- Howard motions, Amber Seconds

  • End 7:45 pm