KSS Meeting


August 21, 2019


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Christopher Morris, Josh Brewer, Preston Forsythe, Sarah Arpin, Kimbo, Ben Tobin, Barry Adams, 


  1. Announcements
  2. Reading of previous minutes- read by Howard, approved unanimously
  3. Treasurers Report
    1. Invoiced for Dropbox, price increased to $120 per year
    2. Invoiced for WebEx
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Data Access Report- Sarah
      1. 4 requests (3 commercial, 1 grotto) 
      2. Nashville Grotto requested a map for Logston Knob. They were referred to the managing organization SCCI
    2. Database Committee- 
      1. 10 new caves entered in database
      2. 7 by Cimbro Pittman alone
      3. 2 more entered by Kim 
      4. 3 by Howard
      5. 2 repaired locations by Howard
      6. 1 repaired by Sarah
    3. Data Archives- Sarah
      1. Sarah has not added anything new
      2. Lots of work to do- need to look toward creating a catalog
      3. We will discuss further data storage template and Ben’s student proposal later in the meeting
    4. Emergency Response- no report
    5. Membership- no report
    6. Grant committee- no updates
    7. Annual Report- 
      1. Upcoming report will include a county coordinator snapshot
        1. Will include the following: County, Coordinator, Number of Caves, Number of Quality Cave Maps, Number of Active Projects, Summary of Activity
      2. We have about 25 extra reports. What should we do with the extras? Should we give them to grottos? Some may be used as donation door prizes for KY caving events to promote interest. 
    8. Advisory Committee Setup- no updates
    9. Survey Expeditions
      1. Wells Cave – 651 additional feet were added to the survey
    10. Annual Meeting- 
      1. 10-15 speakers
      2. survey on Saturday
      3. will be camping at Lonestar 
      4. board needs to decide food budget/ plan
      5. lots of first time presenters
    11. Old Business
      1. Kentucky State Natural Preserves Agreement Update- they will not share our data, if they get a data request then they will refer it to KSS, signed the agreement and have not heard back
      2. Regional Coordinators- no update
      3. Letters for Advisory Committee- no update
      4. Advocacy for environmental
        1. Bowling Green
        2. Pipeline- does not appear to be going through anywhere of concern
      5. Jim Quinlin Slide Collection
        1. Held by Geary Schindle
        2. Jim Borden wants to scan slides and share KY slides with KSS, need funds for scanning
        3. Propose to donate $400 for scanning costs
      6. Ben Tobin- proposal for interns
        1. See proposal from Tobin
        2. Proposes providing funding for 1-2 student workers under guidance of Tobin and Arpin to sort, organize, digitize and catalogue the collection. 
        3. $3,658, nte $4000
        4. Vote, Ben abstain, John and Sean not present, 4 in favor, motion passes
      7. New Data Archive template
        1. Currently by county and cave