KSS Meeting May 15, 2019


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, , John Cassidy, Amber Yuellig, Preston Forsythe, Sarah Arpin, Christopher Morris, Jedidiah Nixon, Josh Brewer, Sean Vanderhoff, 



  • Next meeting is June 16, Paper Caving.  This is the Saturday before convention. June 16 is canceled. Sarah or Ben will propose a new date. 
  • Mike Keltner- Hart County is sponsoring a NCRC intro class June 1-2. Spots are available.
  • Cincinnati museum center- June 16, cave day


Treasurers report

  • ending balance $13,739.19
  • IRS- will be sending a request for additional information
  • Investments- holding off on hearing back on status from IRS. If it is going to take a while, we may want to move forward with mutual funds


Committee Reports


  1. Data Access- Arpin
  • 12 data requests- 6 private, 6 commercial
  • over $900 in fees have been billed out
  • currently we are 5 requests behind where we were last year total
  1. Database Committee
  • Howard is working with tools used in different arc map versions
  1. Data Archives
  2. Emergency Response- no report
  3. Membership- Sean
  • New members generated from release of annual report
  • We missed a few life members in our recent report mailing, troubleshooting to fix issue
  1. Grant Committee- Amber
  • No update
  1. Annual Report
  • Please start sending material now for next years report so we can get it out on time
  1. Advisory- Howard no update
  2. Survey Initatives 
  • Logan county- Saturday ridgewalking, well attended, also participated in surveying at Stinson Cave
  • Wells cave survey- first weekend of August
  1. Annual Meeting
  • September 14, considering Louisville


Old Business


We received an updated agreement from Kentucky State Preserves.  They sent a new legal contract with much of the language we are wary of removed. Howard needs to do a read-through


Regional Coordinators- no updates


Grant Info- still need to post grant to website

New Business


Letters for Advisory committee- no updates


Bowling Green Airport- looking for open comments for airport expansion. We need to remain apolitical, neutral, and provide data as requested and advocate for caves. Individuals may take up a more active stance 


We may be able to use the large format scanners to scan in maps but has to be done during work hours when a specific staff member can sign on. 

Meeting closed: 8:14