Draft letter thanking Jim Currens for service to the KSS


Data access committee

-2 requests

-one was an emergency related non-emergency request- Mike Keltner was brought in on the request

-one is academic in nature, still in progress


Database committee

  • Howard is combing the database for duplicate listings or listings that cannot be confirmed. Our total number of caves has decreased as a result. A rework of Barren county resulted in a total cave decrease to 5031


Data archives

  • over 1000 new publications have been added to dropbox



  • no new renewals in January
  • many memberships will be up for renewal in February
  • not much progress on powerpoint presentation
  • KSS may consider offering a $2 discount to founding members of the newly launching Ohio Cave Survey


Annual Report

  • in the process and shopping for printers
  • Preston: can we publish a members list? … we will add this to future work list for the website “members only area”
  • Lots of great articles for this issue


Advisory Board

  • howard is still looking for members


New Buisness

  • Bill Walden Data- 
    • Report from Kevin: Lots of big maps- sloans and Redmond creek, nothing from wells