KSS Board Meeting


Attendees: Josh Brewer, Amber Yuellig, Howard Kalnitz, Barry Adams, Christopher Morris, John Cassidy, Sean Vanderhoff, Sara Arpin



Reading of Previous Minutes: 

-Read by Amber Yuellig

-Motion made by Josh to approve

-Approved Unanimously


Treasurer’s Report: 

-John had to move the paypal email to John’s personal email

290 search fees

-state filing

-question whether we need to change the treasurer’s scope to remove membership duties, add membership committee to bylaws

Committee Reports: 


  1. Data Access Committee
    1. Two data requests, one from Michael Goodman (private) interested in cave and karst landforms in Simpson County, asked him for a more narrow scope
    2. Third Rock- 5 km radius of proposed Hopkinsville north bypass
  2. Database Committee
    1. Howard is excited about how well the caver app is soing
    2. See Esri below
  3. Data Archives
    1. Up to 600 publications, sarah is going to mail out a list of publications we have to yahoo group
  4. Emergency Response Committee

No Update

  1. Membership Committee

-all welcome emails sent out, authored by Shelia

-Sean, Shelia Minor, Both Roth

- committee has had one meeting since forming

- will send out email reminders regarding renewals

-are considering taking over the PR presentation


Old Business


Grotto Presentation


Newsletter/ Annual Report



  • Grant given by ESRI conservation group
  • cost $200, a year for organization cost (80% discount off non for profit status)
  • Chartered a KSS organization with ArcGIS access for county coordinators
  • Howard will start working with board to set up organization and sending out board and county coordinators
  • Josh motion, Sean second, unanimously approved


Safeguard Data/ Security

  • no report


Update on Survey Initative weekend

  • landowner thrilled with the work performed by KSS
  • another survey weekend for first weekend of June? Looking for volunteers/ sponsors


Arch Database Data sharing

  • working on details to present to KSS


Request from Kentucky Nature Preserve Committee

  • discussed at caving on paper meeting 
  • howard is looking into request further


New Business

  • student looking for organizations willing to give small grant to fund a trip to San Salvador Island, Kentucky
  • we should consider a committee if we wish to become a granting organization
  • we have made a donation to the Tenessee springs initative previously as geology does not follow political boundaries
  • should have a limited scope


- we should have a write-up about the emergency system

- Josh and Sara are offering up two spots at NCRC training for this upcoming weekend at GSP


Motion to close Amber, Second John

Ended at 7:47pm