KSS Meeting 

January 17, 2018


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Josh Brewer, Amber Yuellig, Christopher Morris, Sean Vanderhoff, Shelia Minor, Mike Keltner, Jim Currens, Shaun, Ben Miller, Preston Forsythe, Sara Arpin, John Cassidy



  • Howard: LIDAR has dropped for missing counties in Kentucky.
  • Jim: Granddad again!


Reading of Previous Minutes:

  • Minutes from previous meeting taken by Howard Kalnitz
  • Minutes read by Howard Kalnitz
  • Motion to accept: Josh, second: Ben, minutes accepted


Treasurers Report: 

  • Started: 
  • Search Fees: 
  • Ending Balance
  • Members
  • Life Members
  • Tax Returns, started today and should be no problems this year, John would like to add a treasurers folder to the KSS Dropbox with balances and tax documents
  • Motion to accept: Jim, second: Shaw


Committee Reports

  • David Shafer asked for info for friend who owns cave in Grayson County


Cave Reporter App

  • Howard has made updates, in order for the changes to take effect you must delete and reinstall the app. Howard has sent out directions.


Database Updates

  • Milestone Alert!- as of 1/16 4,999 caves have been reported in Kentucky, as of today we have 5,004 caves!
  • Should we partner with KGS and put out a press release?
    • Jim suggests working with Mike Lynch at KGS
    • We should also send a press release to the NSS News
    • Howard and Amber will work together to draft the document
  • Database updates- many counties are in need of updates, need to check with current coordinators to see if they wish to remain active or if they need to be replaced


Data Archives

  • More grottos are permitting us to share publications


Emergency Response Committee

  • Updating list with names and numbers
  • Meeting with area organizations to develop working relationship
  • We have a board call-out list for people who have access to the full database who have GIS experience
  • Howard moves to give Ken Baily access to database, Amber motion, Ben seconds, motion approved


Old Business

  • KSS Presentation- push to next month
  • Newsletter update- Josh with Chris’ help are finalizing the newsletter and it will be printed soon, using publishing software and will have a whole new look 
  • LiDAR- Howard as published a layer of all the lidar, “Kentucky Geo”
    • Need ArcGIS or ESRI Explorer (Apple/ Android)
  • Data Security
    • No update
  • Survey Initiative Weekend Updates
    • TBD March/ April: Have a cave in Breckenridge in need of resurvey, will be working with the Stoops to plan/coordinate
    • June1-3: second survey initiative for the year


New Business

  • Requesting subset of data to share with arch enthusiasts, 
  • Table for next meeting


Next Meeting February 21

March meeting at UK


Motion to close Ben, second Josh