Agenda for July 24th Board Meeting:
KSS Agenda
July 24, 2019

1) Announcements
- Great showing at convention
- Josh awarded for Steel Cave Map
- State Survey session full/ KSS presentations

2) Reading of previous minutes

3) Treasurers Report
- Investment update
- Tax Update (complete?)

4) Committee Reports

A)Data Access Report: - Sarah Arpin

B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

C) Data Archives – Arpin

D) Emergency Response committee - Keltner

E) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff
- confirm new members have annual reports

F) Grant Committee - Yuellig

H) Annual Report – Josh Brewer
- Land owner and contributor copies

I) Advisory Committee Setup (new) – Kalnitz/Tobin

J) KSS Survey Expedition 
- Wells Cave Aug 2
Update on plans? 
K) Annual Meeting
- Sept 15th 2019
- Location?

5) Old Business: 
- Kentucky State Natural Preserves Agreement Update
Vote this
- Regional coordinators
- Letters for Advisory committee
- Advocacy for environmental 
o Bowling Green
o Pipeline
o Update from Ben T

6) New Business:
- Jim Quinlins Slide collection
Held by Geary Schindle
Jim Borden wants to scan slides and share Kentucky cave slide with KSS
Need funds for scanning
Suggest we OK up to $400 for scanning costs
- Paper Mapping session to be rescheduled
Plan for Archives
Full inventory and scanning
- Ben Tobin – Proposal of intern

Future work (2019)
- Regional coordinator plan
- Update and clarify election bylaws 
- Clean up committee discussions
- Continue to clean up data
- Advisory board
- Members List, and Members Guide
- Members section on website
- Biota data on survey 123 and in database