January 16, 2019




1) Announcements


Ohio Cave Survey starting




2) Reading of previous minutes




3) Treasurers Report


           - Investment?




4) Committee Reports




A) Election Committee Report – Josh


               - Report of election committee


               - Welcome new Board Members


               - Thanks of old board members




B)Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin




C) Database Committee- Kalnitz


1) Database Update – error correction and database stats change




D) Data Archives – Arpin




E) Emergency Response committee - Keltner




F) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff




G) Grant Committee - Yuellig




H) Annual Report – Josh Brewer




I     Advisory Committee Setup (new) – Kalnitz


An advisory committee is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge


and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors


in order to more effectively guide the organization. The advisory committee does


not have formal authority to govern the organization, that is, the advisory


committee cannot issue directives which must be followed. Rather, the advisory


committee serves to make recommendations and/or provide key information and


materials to the board of directors.












5) Old Business:       




B) Arch Database Data sharing – Morris




C) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee


 1) MOU completed and sent to KNPSC. No reply








6) New Business:




Data bequest from Bill Walden


            Paper records from Bills house


            Picked up by Bob Roth


            Need to be brought to next paper meeting, and scanned in




New Official KGS contact




Future work (2019)


-        Regional coordinator plan


-        Update and clarify election bylaws


-        Clean up committee discussions


-        Continue to clean up data


-        Advisory board