KSS Agenda


December 19 2018




1) Announcements






2) Reading of previous minutes




3) Treasurers Report




4) Committee Reports




A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin


1) review request spreadsheet




B) Database Committee- Kalnitz


1) regional Cave coordinator plan – to ease effort of individual cave coordinators


2) Database Update – error correction and database stats change




C) Data Archives – Arpin




D) Emergency Response committee - Keltner




E) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff


               - Need updated members list for elections






F) Grant Committee - Yuellig






E) Election Committee Report - Josh


Read Nominations and confirm


Close nominations




G) Annual Report – Josh Brewer


              Deadline passed – update on content










5) Old Business:




A) Safeguard data/ Security- Elrond


               - No Updates


               - Last time on agenda






B) Arch Database Data sharing – Morris




C) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee


 1) MOU completed and sent to KNPSC. No reply








6) New Business:


Future work (2019)


-        Regional coordinator plan


-        Update and clarify election bylaws


-        Clean up committee discussions


-        Continue to clean up data


-        Advisory board