KSS Agenda

October 24, 2018


1) Announcements



2) Reading of previous minutes


3) Treasurers Report


4) Committee Reports


A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

1) review request spreadsheet


B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

1) regional Cave coordinator plan – to ease the effort of individual cave coordinators

a) 5 regions

- North east

- South East

- Central

- North West

- South west

b) Regional coordinators handle ERSI accounts


C) Data Archives – Arpin

1) Kevin has dumped 8GB or data into the dropbox! We are starting to place it in the correct location

2) Speleodigests up to 1985 are complete, but not yet in dropboxes


D) Emergency Response committee - Keltner


E) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff

1) Update on PR presentation – Jim Currens has most recent version

2) New members update?


F) Grant Committee - Yuellig

1) Any update on criteria?


E) Election Committee Report

1) Report of Nominations and confirmations

2) Need to make the nomination process clearer





5) Old Business:


A) Safeguard data/ Security- Elrond

- No Updates

- Last time on the agenda



B) Arch Database Data sharing – Morris

- No updates

- Last time on the agenda


C) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee

1) Kentucky trust contacted us again. We will plan a meet in November. Sean and I are people indicating interest


D) Annual Meeting/ Awards Committee Update

1) Excellent Meeting!



6) New Business:


  1. Next Year Schedule:

All Go-to Meetings meetings start at 7:00pm eastern time. The app will become live 15 minutes early for set-up


                             January  16 – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             February  20 – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             March 17 – Paper Caving Meeting @UK


                             April 17 – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             May 15 – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             June 16 – Paper Caving Meeting at UK


                             July 17 – Board Meeting (Go-To-Meeting) 


                             August 21 - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             September– Annual Meeting


                             October 16 – Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             November 20 - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)


                             December 18 - Board Meeting (Go-To Meeting)