KSS Agenda

May 17 2018


1) Announcements


2) Reading of previous minutes


3) Treasurers Report



4) Committee Reports

A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

       -  review request spreadsheet


B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

1. Reports Keep trickling in

  • Isaaks, Bobo and one of the environmental consultants

2. New Esri group for KSS nearing completion

  • Base layer is complete
  • County groups are set-up
  • Data being deployed to count groups in a way that allows instant updating
  • Will most likely keep Filemaker Pro as base data system, but not deployed to county coordinators
  • Should be deploying to CC in the next few weeks


C) Data Archives - Arpin


D) Emergency Response committee - Keltner

  • New Esri Product ready to be rolled out to emergency coordinator
  • A request was made for a write up we can share with cavers


E) Membership Committee – Vanderhoff

1. Update on PR presentation?


5) Old Business:

A) KSS grotto Presentation – Currens

              - Move to Membership committee?

B) Newsletter update – Brewer

              - One still needing mailing….


C) Grant Committee

  • Any volunteers for this position?


D) Safeguard data/ Security- Elrond

              - No Updates


E) Update on Survey initiative weekends – Brewer

  • DO we have any DATA on Breckenridge Survey initiative?
  • June – Wells cave
  • Need a minimum set of information returning back to KSS to be chartered from KSS. Survey data/locational data/ or maps
  • Without some guarantee of this should they be chartered by KSS


f) Arch Database Data sharing – Morris


G) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee

  • Will set up some time after our ArcGIS conversion to work with this group
  • Suggest face to face meeting



6) New Business:

A) KSS presentations at State survey Session at convention

  • Archive               Sara?
  • ArcGIS online    HJK
  • State of KSS       Josh?
  • Survey 123          HJK