KSS Agenda

Feb 21 2018


1) Announcements


2) Reading of previous minutes


3) Treasurers Report

- Can we get a membership form and payment on website?



4) Committee Reports

A) Data Access Report: -  Sarah Arpin

       -  review request spreadsheet



B) Database Committee- Kalnitz

1. Cave reporter App to report caves to database

              - Some reported issues

              - does anyone else have issues?

2. 2018 Database updates for county coordinators

              - any Issues?      

3. Press release

              - Can we get this on front page of website?       


C) Data Archives - Arpin

1.       Digital Archiving of KY Grotto Publications


D) Emergency Response committee - Keltner

1.       Bailey access not active

2.     Short PP produced with facts about KSS for Emergency Management team

2.     Update on Tuesday Meeting with Emergency Personnel?


5) Old Business:

A) KSS grotto Presentation – Currens

              - No Update

B) Newsletter update – Brewer

              - Issues Printed

              - HJK Stuffing and sending this week

              - going out to all paid members

                             - What about County Coordinators who are not member


C) ESRI Update – Kalnitz

              - No Update

D) Safeguard data/ Security- Elrond

              - No Updates


E) Update on Survey initiative weekends – Brewer


f) Arch Database Data sharing - Morris



6) New Business:

A) Request from Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee

B) Next Meeting – Paper Caving at UK

              - Reach out to KGS for keys


c) Membership Chair

d) Additional boilerplate on data requests