Kentucky Speleological Survey Fall Meeting

September 30, 2012 at the Wayne County Museum in Monticello, KY



Business Meeting


1300 –            Welcome and call to order                                                               Lee Florea


                        Approval of Minutes form Spring Meeting                                                Jim Greer       


                        Report from Treasurer                                                                     Kim Gentry


1310 –            Committee Reports


                                    Data Access                                                                            Jim Currens


                                    Data Administration                                                             Howard Kalnitz


                                    Newsletter                                                                             Bill Walden


1330 –            Old Business


                                    1. KOR booth summary                                                        Kim Gentry


                                    2. KSS sponsored session at NSS                                         Lee Florea


                                    3. Video Projector purchase for KSS                                   Bill Walden

Florea Moves: Bill Walden and Amber Yuellig are appointed to the video projector ad hoc committee for 2012.

Discussion: Upon reviewing available minutes from previous meetings, Jim Greer and I discovered that we had agreed to purchase a video projector in 2011. That motion was passed but never acted upon. This motion revisits this and appoints a committee to complete the purchase.

Yuellig Moves: The KSS will purchase a portable video projector and required accessories for an amount not to exceed $700. This purchase will occur by the end of 2012.

Discussion: In the minutes from the June 12, 2011 KSS meeting, a passed motion allocated $700 to purchase a video projector.


1400 –            New Business


                                    1. Revised KSS Logo                                                              Lee Florea

Florea Moves: The KSS accepts logo option __________ designed by Mr. Robert Coomer as the new logo for the KSS.

Discussion: In August, Mr. Robert Coomer agreed to develop a few options for a new logo for our organization. This fulfills a motion passed at our April 2012 meeting. Rob was asked to develop a streamlined logo that captures our identity and is easy to reproduce in a variety of media.


                                    2. KSS Logo Identity Standard                                             Lee Florea

Florea Moves: The KSS accepts the document “Identity Standard for the KSS” as the official living document that defines the KSS media identity.

Discussion: Based upon the options presented by Mr. Coomer for a new logo, the KSS needs to accurately define the characteristics of that media identity, including size, color palette, appropriate use, etc. This document captures those needs.


                                    3. Fee-for-service structure for Data Requests                  Jim Currens

Amber Yuellig


                                    4. Streamlining the handling of KSS data requests                      Steve Gentry

                                                                                                                                    Kim Gentry


5. Website updates and software purchase                      Lee Florea

Florea Moves: The KSS moves to purchase _______________________ software to be distributed to the web master and current list of officers.

Discussion: Our website has recently received a partial facelift, but is in critical need of continued work. Part of the perceived problem is that our capability of editing the web page files is limited by software. This motion corrects that problem.


6. Reduction in number of yearly meetings                       Lee Florea

Florea Moves: The KSS will reduce the number of meetings per year from four (4) to three (3). Furthermore, the Chapter VIII of the KSS Bylaws will be amended from:

“There shall be a minimum of two meetings a year. One of these shall be called the Election Meeting and should be held in January or February each year.”


“The KSS will hold three meetings a year. These meetings will include: 1) an Election Meeting in January, 2) a Business Meeting in April, and 3) an Annual Meeting in September/October.”

‘Caving on paper’ meetings will occur as needed.

Discussion: This is a measure originally suggested by Preston Forsythe. The merits of reducing the meetings, particularly the summer meeting, include reduced interference with organized caving events (e.g., KOR and Convention). This will also put us in line with the NSS.


1430 –            Setting time and date of next meeting and adjournment




Steve Gentry – Recent survey of Big Bat Cave in Breckenridge County, KY


Lee Florea – Survey and exploration within Bowman’s Pit Wayne County, KY


Bill Walden – Cave and Karst exhibits at the Wayne County Museum in Monticello, KY


Others TDB