KSS Meeting 2/15/2017 - Agenda


Previous Minutes

Treasurer Report

Committee Reports

Election Committee Report (Arpin,Walden, Bailey)

        - New Board Members announced/ Take office

        - Report on election method (keep or change)


Data Committee Report/Database Committee Report (Kalnitz,Currens, Brewer)

        - New County Coordinators

        - New Data Requests

                        - 6 new commercial requests Filled

                        - 1 Research Request (Charles Stephen)- Outstanding

                        - 1 new general (to be discussed by Database committee)

        - Data Received:

                        - 183 cave in Wayne county from Bill Thoman

                        - Huge data donation from Larry Simpson on Pulaski County

                                        - Needs scanning

                                        - Needs receipt and thank you letter

        - New Database committee Member


Cave Length Committee (Currens, Yuellig,Yuellig)

        - Report?


Old Business

Newsletter Update (Walden, Brewer)

- Has the newsletter been updated for inclusion on the website

- Update on plan to publish and send copies to Organizations

                -org list from Ben Miller

                - Reprints and postage: Bill Walden

- P.F. Has suggested printing and selling newletters at NSS bookstore, at convention

                                - who will contact NSS/ and deliver


Website Update (Morris)

                - Still needs county Coordinator contact page


Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation Update (Kalnitz)


Wayne County Work Weekend (walden)

                Need info on plans/ organization


Business Cards (Yuellig)

                First draft available


June Paper Caving Session (Kalnitz)

                - too close to convention

                - Suggest we change to May and make it Coordinators weekend on May 21st at UK?


New Business

Next Year Objectives (Kalnitz)

                Drive better Interactions with Cavers

                                -Presentations at Grottos

                                - Representation at caving events

                                - Map Book


                Improve the Database

                                - Coordinators Meeting in May

                                - ' How to be a coordinator'

                                - Data Platform (Filemaker Server)

                                - Data Access (Dropbox alternatives)


                Further the organization

                                - Better tracking of requests and fulfillment

                                - Grants (need process)

                                - Budgeting process

                                - KGS interactions