KSS Agenda: May 24th, 2016

1) Announcements


2) Reading of Previous Minutes


3) Treasurers report


4) Committee Report:


File Maker Training for County Coordinators  to take place later today

Drop Box training to take place later today


Data Requests:

- Need a spreadsheet of requests asked versus answered. Are there any volunteers to pull together a Google Docs spreadsheet that we can all use (or post on yahoo group)?

- Are there any outstanding requests


Bylaws Updates:

- Amber, John and Howard working on draft

- Highlights:

- 2 year terms

- No organizational directors

- County Coordinators in Bylaws

- Known Members can work directly with coordinators




- Any update on new website test

- Need to get data requests form ironed out on that site


Annual Survey meeting


5) Old Business

Meeting Schedule :


April 20th WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern

May 14th Paper Caving @ KGS

June 22 WebEx Meeting @ 7:30 Eastern

July 20 WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern

August 17 WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern

Sept 17th Paper Caving @ KGS

Oct 19th Webex Meeting @7:30 Eastern

Nov 13th Paper Caving @ KGS

Dec 21 WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern (Possibly to be canceled due to Xmas)


6) New Business