KSS Meeting Agenda:March 16

  1. Announcements

    1. Welcome to new Board

  1. Reading of Previous minutes

  1. Treasurers report

  1. Committee Reports

    1. Database Committee:

- Filemaker Pro Advanced purchased (one copy available)

- Runtimes produced and shared with 3 County coordinators

- Full database shared with KSS board

- Some reckons received, no updates at this time

- Dropbox continues to grow

- Still need to close out Ball State intern work

Current Members: Kalnitz, Brewer, Gentry, Currens

    1. Data requests committee

- Are we up to date on requests?

- We need a new way to handle requests (more in new business)

- Should we put requests on hiatus until we solve request problem?

- Need to make official voting policy

Current Members: Currens, Kalnitz, Gentry

  1. Old Business

    1. Schedule Meetings for rest of year:

      1. Board Meetings Monthly (?)  3rd Wednesday of every month

      2. Paper and Face to Face. Every other month 2nd Sunday

  2. New Business


HJK Letter of updates: Sign up for responsibilities

    1. Update Bylaws: Amber Yuellig

      1. List of things to try to fix:

- Define Board Positions

-Define grottos positions

- Fix voting policy

- Update data Policy

      1. Look at other organizations?

    1. Define the role of standing committees: HJK

      1. Specifically how to deal with data requests:

- How to fill

- how to vote



    1. Database: Brewer, HJK

      1. Filemaker rollout

      2. Better interactions and updates by county coordinators. Start getting rid of deadwood

    2. Interactions With Cavers:

      1. Newsletter (walden)

      2. Annual Meetings: Brewer

      3. Webex Meetings (open to public) :Yuellig

    3. Paper files

    4. What to do about the KYTC request (Kalnitz)