Agenda - KSS Paper Caving

Nov 13th - KGS

10am - approx 3pm


Morning - Business Meeting

A.      Announcements

B.      Minutes from last meeting

C.      Treasurers Report

D.      Committees

a.       Data Access Meeting

b.      Database Committee

                                                               i.      County Coordinator List

                                                             ii.      Current Data Talley

                                                            iii.      Updates/ New records

c.       Election Committee

d.      Cave Length standards Committee

E.       Old Business

a.       Nominations

b.      Newsletter

c.       Website

F.       New Business

a.       Meeting Frequency

b.      Meeting Schedule

c.       Ball State Webex vs our own

d.      CKKC agreement





                - HOW TO SUBMIT RECORDS

                - Paper files and scanning