October 19, 2016 Board Meeting  Agenda:

All are invited 



Reading of previous minutes

                - Bylaws update

                - Election costs


Treasurer  Report



                Preston Forsythe - Sperka funds update


Committee Report

- Data Committee

                - Database Update

                - New County Coordinators

                - CC Manual


                - Election Committee

                                1) Election Committee

                                2) Nominations:

                                                a) President

                                                b) Vice Chair

                                                c) Treasurer

                                                d) Secretary

                                                e) Member at Large (3)

                                3) Election Method



                                                                - Elections online

                                                                - Election Runner


Old Business

                - Newsletter

                - Website

                - Annual Meeting recap

                - TCS Meeting recap


New Business

                - MOU Update


                 Cave Definition


                                Cave versus  feature

                                Need a committee to decide