7:00 ET pm


Approve the previous month’s meeting minutes


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy)

  • Balance report


Data Committee (Howard Kalnitz)

  • Data requests
  • Database


Membership Committee (Sean Vanderhoff)

  • New members this month
  • Total membership


Annual Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Update


Annual Meeting (Bob Roth)

  • Super successful!
  • Recap and discuss the goals for outlined for year ahead (notes below)


Old Business

  • Thank you for joining email communication with basic info about the organization?
  • Money for interns?
  • Investment?
  • Goal that we have that we’d like to achieve that we spend some money on?
  • Fee structure for membership – bump up lifetime membership? $125-130
  • Code of Ethics/Conduct
  • KSS Grants
    • Update grant details
    • Cleveland Grotto, NRMG good examples/templates
  • International Year of Caves and Karst – series of talks in spring, once per month – Floyd Talks, Pat will help organize, do it as a committee, come up with a schedule for next year


New Business

  • Goals for the year ahead:
    • Finish cataloging digital files, keywording
    • Start extracting data from the archives and cataloging
      • How does a member gain access?
    • Publish Annual Report
    • Adopt Code of Ethics/Conduct
    • Roll out new grant application procedures
    • Promote data coming in and improve data quality (cave reporter app, Grottos, etc.) entrance dimensions, etc.


Meeting Adjournment