KSS Agenda: August 17, 2016
1) Announcements
2) Reading of Previous Minutes
3) Treasurers report
4) Committee Report:
- Much work being done - several county coordinators are inputting data, however, many are not.
- May plan to send a note to all silent county coordinators, and if nothing heard, hold their counties open
- Need to keep track of physical missing files
Data Requests:
     - Can John Cassidy walk us through Google Spreadsheet, so that we all use this
      There were some issues getting all requests done in a timely manner
     - This probably will not get better for some time
     - Tabled
5) Old Business
Bylaws Updates:
     - Any objections upon rereading?
     - If not, will bring forward for final vote at general meeting in September
     - If not present, board members need to assign proxy for this vote
(Bylaws as read at last meeting attached to this note for review)
Annual Survey meeting
 Josh to update us on festivities! 

       Meeting Schedule :

August 17            WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern
Sept 17th             Paper Caving @ KGS
Oct 19th               Webex Meeting @7:30 Eastern
Nov 13th              Paper Caving @ KGS
Dec 21                   WebEx Meeting @7:30 Eastern (Possibly to be canceled due to Xmas)

6) New Business