7:00 pm


New Board Members:


Sarah Arpin, Chair

Howard Kalnitz, Member-at-Large

Bob Roth, Vice Chair

Amber Yuellig, Member-at-Large

Christopher Morris, Secretary

Kevin Zachary, Member-at-Large

John Cassidy, Treasurer



Reading of previous meeting’s minutes (Christopher Morris)


Treasurer’s Report (John Cassidy)

  • Balance report


Data Committee (Howard Kalnitz)

  • New data requests
  • Database management update


Emergency Response (Mike Keltner)

  • Strike from agenda if no new report.


Membership Committee (Sean Vanderhoff)

  • New members this month
  • Total membership


Grant Committee (Amber Yuellig)

  • Strike from agenda if no new report.


Annual Report (Christopher Morris)

  • Christopher is hopeful to have it out by the end of March.


New Business

  • GOAL: To get the KSS back on track in terms of data management, organizational function, and stakeholder interests and involvement (cavers, membership, researchers, conservationists, private industry, government agencies, etc.), guided by our Purpose, Mission Statement, and Vision.
  • Bylaw review and revision
  • Committee reworked and written into the bylaws
  • Code of Ethics
  • Social media
  • Add resources (grottos, etc.) to website
  • 2021 schedule
  • Treasurer’s recommendations:
    • Consider what to do with the money we have been bringing in, especially with the 2018(?) IRS audit. Possibly hire a KGS intern again.
    • Investment put on hold due to COVID uncertainty.
  • Grant application received: Athanasios Apostolopoulos




Meeting Adjournment