KSS Agenda

April 15, 2020


1) Greetings & Announcements – Josh Brewer – Vice Chair

WELCOME! We hope you & yours are safe!

UNESCO Karst 2020 not cancelled, but going VIRTUAL!

WKU Karst Field Studies Cancelled

2) Reading of previous minutes – Amber Yuellig – Secretary  

- March Minutes 


3) Treasurers Report – John Cassidy – Treasurer 

- Summary of holdings

- Fidelity forms



4) Committee Reports 

A)Data Committee: -  Sarah Arpin– Committee Chair

- March Meeting Recap:

  • Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements voted on, and approved by the Board. 

- Report from April meeting

  • Data Request – Standard Responses  

- Upcoming Vote

  • New Data Committee Bylaws to be voted on at the earliest by email on April 25th (Bylaws: Chapter 11: Amendments states” … be presented in writing to the Board 45 days prior to the meeting. These changes we’re discussed & agreed upon by the Data Committee on March 11th & first distributed to the Board the following day. March 12th to April-15 is 35 days.) or at the May Board meeting.   



  1. B) Emergency Response committee – Mike Keltner– Committee Chair


  1. C) Membership Committee – Sean Vanderhoff– Committee Chair


  1. D) Grant Committee – Amber Yuellig – Committee Chair

-  Report from April 8th meeting

Board Vote on Survey Grant – Submitted to KSS on Jan 25th 2020




  1. E) Annual Report – Christopher Morris - Editor
  • Annual Returns
  • A few to mail
  • Accepting material for 2020 Report 



  1. F) KSS Survey Expedition’s Josh Brewer  

- No new survey events have been scheduled due to COVID-19



  1. G) Annual Meeting  Sean Vanderhoff/Josh Brewer

- We have an ANNOUNCEMENT! 


5) Old Business:       

  • June 28th Face to face
  • Gsuite Report – Christopher Morris
  • GoToMeeting for Grotto use – Sean Vanderhoff


6) New Business:

- KGS Intern’s – Ben Tobin’s request help from the Board to provide tasks. 

- KSS Committee members selection process. Christopher Morris has pointed out that the data & election committees have their member selection guidelines written into the KSS bylaws and believes all KSS committees should follow suit.  

-KSS Swag- New Logo? 

Future work (2020)

  • Update and clarify election bylaws 
  • Members List, and Members Guide
  • Members section on website – Christopher 
  • Biota data on survey 123 and in database
  • Quinlan’s UK collection - Preston
  • Advisory Committee Setup (new) – Kalnitz/Tobin
  • Advisory board